Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall is here!

We continue to be busy everyday around here, but some nights I lay down in bed and wonder what the hell we did all day? The girls never stop moving, so it is constant oversight. We did haircuts this weekend, I did them myself just to get rid of the mullets both girls were beginning to sport. While Jeremy was holding Addy, I was trimming and the bath was running, I put Lilly in my closet to play with my shoes, which she already has a fascination with--this may be a dangerous sign of what is to come. Before I knew it, I heard kerplunck--and there went a shoe--into the toilet. Seriously?

The weather has cooled and we have found ourselves inside more. I test-rode a trip to the mall indoor playground the other day. I tried to release my OCD tendencies and let the girls play, but the antibacterial wipes came out when Lilly licked a window trying to kiss her sister through the glass and they made friends with "the boy who hugs too much". I'm going to miss summer!

We also tested a homemade remedy for diaper rash yesterday, soaking for 20 minutes in an oatmeal bath (filled nylon stocking with oatmeal). The only catch, neither of my girls have diaper rash, we were there for moral support for our friend Mallory who needed entertainment to make a bath last 20 minutes! I'll update and see if Mommy Megan says it worked or not!

To Addy & Lilly's Ball State fans--I'm trying to get a trip up to see you on my calendar--you won't believe how big these girls are!

To my friend Elizabeth who is counting down the days to meet her Baby Evan--we are thinking about you and can't wait to meet our new friend! Maybe you should start a blog!

To Audrey Spice--Happy Birthday--thanks for a fun party! (Tell Grandma Tracy to send pics, I didn't take any!)

To our friend Tyson--hope those ears are feeling better already!

I couldn't resist posting these pics---no longer babies, definitely looking like toddlers!


Christina said...

Isn't it amazing how they go from looking like babies to toddlers so quickly? I look at Chase now and he just seems like a little boy to me, not like a baby at all! The girls are so cute. I can't get over how much they look like you and Catherine!

Catherine said...

Girls, you look like you belong in a JCrew catalog - look at you guys sporting the preppy look! I love it - nice bow Addy! Lilly - putting shoes in the toilet is a no-no - Aunt Cat would shriek if you put my shoes in the toilet:( You two are getting so big - I can't believe it - I am pleased you went to the mall - I think you need to be indoctrinated early!
Speaking of indoctrination - I have my fingers crossed that Indiana goes blue!!! I hope you are sporting your Obama/Biden gear and saying "Yes we can!" Not too long till your first election girls! If McCain and that ludicrous excuse for a woman he is running woth win Aunt Cat is going to be heavily medicated during her November visit (practically comatose). Anyway let's hope for the best:) Be good for your mommy!

Baby Blog Addict said...

Hi Aimee.

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Congrats and thanks for entering!

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Lili said...

Girls....i LOVE the cableknit sweaters...very fall-like! I agree with Aunt Cat about the shoes in the toilet...that is a big no-no!

Dumas Family said...

Fall is my favorite season of all time so I am glad to hear that the girls are enjoying it! I can't wait to brave the mall playground with you this winter...we will survive the cold, I promise!

jillian said...

They are so big! And adorable! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend and hang out in Bloomington.