Monday, February 16, 2009

A Week in Pictures....

"Mom, seriously this spaghetti stuff is AMAZING--can we have this everynight?"
(PS. I'm still scrubbing my walls behind her high chair!)

"I'd prefer not to get messy--you never know who might stop by."

(Lilly--my daughter who if I allowed her to would survive on fruit and Ritz crackers)

"You think we'd get kicked out if we took a little swim?"

(The Three Musketeers (Mallory, Lilly & Addy) at the Children's Museum)

"Girls, let me go first, this could get dangerous."

(JD, looking out for his leading ladies..."

We are as crazy as ever! New favorite words: Addy's is "No" and sometimes she even shakes her finger at me as she says it...delightful. Lilly's is "Buh-bye". She says this to books when she's done, food as she throws it on the floor, everyone she meets, wherever we are--how am I going to teach her that not everyone is her friend!?

And just in case you needed a little belly laugh in your day...


Christina said...

There is so much adorableness in this one post that I don't even know where to start. Also, Chase loves this video; I think we have watched it at least a dozen times in the past 24 hours!

Catherine said...

Lil - you are so funny! No spaghetti for you - just fruit and crackers. Addy - I cannot believe how covered in sauce you are....making a mess for your mom! I love love love your spring outfits and your pink sneakers:) You girls do go to the Children's museum more than anyone! Lilly's laugh is so cute and loud.

jillian said...

Great post, they are so cute! I love the differences in their eating habits, hilarious.