Monday, June 8, 2009

Berry Pickin'

We joined a lot of other twins and twin mommies from the local group last week for berry picking at a local farm. The girls had fun! They really do enjoy taking direction now and "helping". They frequently climb up on the stools in the kitchen to "help" me cook and Lilly insists on "helping" daddy make coffee every morning. She says "I elp, I elp". So this was great fun for them.

We are trying to learn colors right now, but each time I told them to bring me red ones only, they'd pick whatever was closest, bring it in and say "Pink"
Addy, always checking things out, she is so aware of her surroundings right now, she can spot "dogs", "geese", "duck", "bird", "airplane" from a mile away.

Lilly was hilarious, eating more than she picked, I think she had a belly ache the rest of the afternoon!

"Mom, get picking, we need to fill this thing!"--Addy

The countdown to our vacation and Addy & Lilly's trip to Pittsburgh with Grandma & Grandpa Sadler--5 days! I'll post pics from the weekend later in the week!


Catherine said...

I can only imagine how helpful Addy & Lilly are in the kitchen:) A - I hope you have a FABULOUS vacation! I am so excited to see the girls in the burgh next week:)

The Landrums said...

Your girls are too cute! It is a fun age with them "helping" or trying to help all the time. Looks like you're enjoying the summer! - Kate & Btown