Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Preparations

After leaving the girls for almost a week at the beginning of the month, it has felt like I've never been able to fully catch-up on the holiday preparations. It has been a whirlwind to get ready to host guests on Christmas, shop, wrap, bake etc. all with 2 tiny helpers who seem to be anything but help! But we've managed and I'm happy to report that the gifts are all wrapped, the interior of the house got a fresh coat of paint and we are ready for the festivities. We managed to squeeze in some fun along the way. Here are some activities we did over the last couple weeks.
Running off some energy at a twins club play date at a local gymnastics studio.
A little cookie baking with Mom and sharing the spoon!
The girls certainly did their fair of holiday destruction (you can see the most recent count HERE), but they loved decorating the tree!
The girls got little mugs from their Moms-Day-Out teachers , so we decided to have a hot-cocoa tea party with some of their furry friends
Grandma Jody & Grandma Mickey came over to make gingerbread houses (attempt failed) and settled for birdfeeders--the girls loved it!
Great-Grandma Mickey & Lilly (notice the "Are you sure you know what you're doing?" look Lilly is giving)
We spent some time with a few of our favorite playgroup friends.
We did holiday crafts at playgroup!
We spent some time "primping" for the holidays, getting haircuts and painting nails!

And lastly, we visited the man in the red suit. It's been a year since THIS and we thought Santa would be a hit. They'd "practiced" what they were going to ask for and we decided we'd dress up for the event, wearing dresses from their Aunt Cat and they were still TERRIFIED. The only way they would get close to him was on our laps, with Santa hovering behind, not exactly the picture we had envisioned.


Jon said...

wow, I can't believe they're still scared of santa. Next year they'll love him. Loved the pics!

Catherine said...

OMG! I love their little expressions - they have exasperated down pat;) I wonder who they get that from! These pictures are really great Aimee - your camera is amazing. I'll see you guys tomorrow:) I can't wait to hear the Christmas caroling in person:)

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