Thursday, September 6, 2007

NFL Kick-off

It's never too early to begin to teach the girls that Indiana living means you love sports. Here they are as they prepare for NFL Kick-off--GO COLTS! Lilly obviously takes after her mom and is slightly sleepy until the excitement begins, while Addy is like Dad and has been ready most of the day.

We've had lots of firsts lately--first walk in the stroller, first bath in the bathtub, first professional pictures taken (to be posted soon), even the first trip to Target. Now it is time for our first football game--if only dad will let us stay up past 9 p.m.???


Catherine said...

WHAT are my little fashionistas wearing?????????????????? Jeremy-I am sure that much electric blue polyester cannot be good for them!! Only the world's most beautiful babies could manage to look so adorable in sports gear:( Aimee-I cannot believe you had a hand in this!!!! Are you still taking medication from the hospital????

Christina said...

Catherine's comment made me laugh so hard I can't remember what I was going to say.

Even in electric blue polyester, those girls are adorable. It's like nothing can stop the cuteness!

Joan said...

All I can say is infant Steeler gear is much more fashionable! But those little girls couldn't look cuter and it's so good to see more pix - keep 'em coming!

jillian said...

Those are the cutest little jerseys I have ever seen!!!!! I love these pictures.