Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back problems, biting, Butler and babies...

Those who know me well, know that I have had neck/back issues periodically since college. I won't have any issues for months, then one wrong reach for something and I'm practically on my back for 3 days. After a few issues in the last month, this morning's pain led me to call a doctor and have Elmo entertain my children while I laid on the floor waiting for Aleve and a heating pad to kick in. Feeling a little better and still waiting to get into the doctor, I thought I'd update my blog while the girls eat their lunch.

Addy & Lilly have been busy spending some time in the last week with friends Mallory & Jacob. Mallory has learned to hug, and was first illustrated with no coaching and a sentimental hug given to her good friend Lilly. Caught slighly off guard that someone was in her space, Lilly accepted the hug, but didn't really reciprocate. The whole scene melted my heart and showed me the affectionate toddlers they are becoming....atleast for a while. Later that night (maybe the next day, not sure at this point), we had bloodshed. Fighting over the damn cozy coupe, Lilly bit Addy so badly, we saw blood and a bruise for a couple days. Instituting the zero tolerance on violence, Lilly spent 1 minute in her crib for time-out. The doc recommended time-out lasting as long as their age. So, the summary for the week is that my friend Megan is raising a hugger and I'm raising a biter--what this will mean down the road is unknown.

For a little fun, the girls continued their tailgating streak, and spread some love down at Butler on Saturday! Good friends visiting from Chicago and we had fun despite the frigid temperatures. Remarkably, the girls didn't catch colds. They were tuckered out from chasing frat boys, flirting with Jacob and meeting real-live bulldogs!

Friends, Elizabeth & Will welcomed Evan Bradford Spice into the world late Friday night (11:02 p.m.). He was born 7 lbs 14 ounces. Congratulations to the proud parents! I'm trying to convince Elizabeth to enter the blogosphere, so I'll keep you posted if she does! On that note, my blog roll is looking a little pathetic--I'm protesting friends that don't keep their blogs updated!!! If you are a reader and want to be added to the blog roll, leave me a comment and I'd love to add you. If you are on the blog roll and haven't updated (you know who you are)--update soon or we'll go on strike...
Lastly--Congrats to Aunt Cat who finished her comprehensive exams at Catholic University this week. We are so proud of you and know you did great! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday already?

So, I was beginning to feel left out because I hadn't tried this leash thing yet and apparently Jacob and Chase love their monkey backpacks, so my mom and I tried them this weekend. Not a good experience. Either they don't get it yet or they really are smarter than me, but they wanted nothing to do with them. They actually still run in opposite directions and just manage to fall all over the place. Here are a couple of the looks I got...
The week's highlights--The Northside Twins & Multiples Group Halloween Gathering, Grandma & Grandpa Sadler visit, watching the Steeler's game at Uncle Jon's and going to pick out pumpkins!
"What the hell is going on around here."

"I see you lookin' at me"--Lilly our little bumblebee

"Why do I have to wear this again?"--Addy as a ladybug

"How many of these could fit in our wagon?"

"Mom--Daddy always says 'Go big or Go home.'"
"Can you help a sister out? I can't lift this alone..."
And because my sister can't get enough of the are a couple new clips...

Monday, October 13, 2008

14 Months...

We crossed the 14 month threshold over the weekend and celebrated with their first tailgate! We had planned to venture to IU (Jeremy's Alma mater and where he affectionately calls "the mecca") for the Iowa game. We wanted to do an "adult tailgate". This is very different than the tailgates in college where you typically drank too much before the game and had to go home after the beer ran out to sleep until you ventured out again later that night. No, this had to be different, we were adults now, parents even, so we had to behave. The party grew, from a small gathering of Jillian & Teague (longtime friends from Chicago and avid blog readers) and the Ash family to include the Wiley's, all their boys and significant others, other Lake Tippy friends, our friend Mallory and family and more we picked up along the way. The girls were SOOOO good. They had their morning nap on the way to Bloomington, ran strong for a few hours. Our plan was to take them to our hotel to nap, but they were so tuckered out, they slept in their carseats, listening to the radio and cooling down with the AC--in the tailgate parking lot. Yes, you can begin your nominations for "Mom of the Year" now. They slept for over an hour, then rallied again. They were making friends with everyone in the lot and loving seeing all the dogs and other kids. We went to dinner, then Grandma & Grandpa Ash brought them home for bed and we stayed to be misbehaving adults for a night in Bloomington!

Sunday brought a Colts game for Jeremy & Teague and some quality time with Addy & Lilly for Jillian and I. It was a blast--come back and see us again soon guys!

On a different note, Lilly's antics are being highlighted on a site I visit frequently, called "Baby Blog Addicts" You can check her out, here: My Little Drama Queen

As far as development, both girls are giving hugs and kisses now. Lilly's, kisses are merely a lean in toward you waiting for you to do the work. Addy blows kisses, without the hand movement. It's pretty cute. When you tell them you need a hug, they'll come over to you, arms outstretched. It's enough to make your heart melt. Both babble non-stop and you can tell they are dying to talk. Some words come out once and don't get repeated, like Dog, Baby, Book. So, we are anxious for some consistency in their language, but aren't rushing it, knowing that once they start talking, this house will be a very different place :-)

Here are some pictures from the tailgate, but my camera battery died, so I didn't get many.

Ben Cahill, hanging out with his 3 favorite women...

"Girls, I got a keg cup, let's go see what this beer thing is all about!"-Addy

"I going to check out some of the frat boys down the hill"--Lilly

And just in case you need a giggle for a Monday morning...

(note the lighting is terrible, but you get the idea)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall is here!

We continue to be busy everyday around here, but some nights I lay down in bed and wonder what the hell we did all day? The girls never stop moving, so it is constant oversight. We did haircuts this weekend, I did them myself just to get rid of the mullets both girls were beginning to sport. While Jeremy was holding Addy, I was trimming and the bath was running, I put Lilly in my closet to play with my shoes, which she already has a fascination with--this may be a dangerous sign of what is to come. Before I knew it, I heard kerplunck--and there went a shoe--into the toilet. Seriously?

The weather has cooled and we have found ourselves inside more. I test-rode a trip to the mall indoor playground the other day. I tried to release my OCD tendencies and let the girls play, but the antibacterial wipes came out when Lilly licked a window trying to kiss her sister through the glass and they made friends with "the boy who hugs too much". I'm going to miss summer!

We also tested a homemade remedy for diaper rash yesterday, soaking for 20 minutes in an oatmeal bath (filled nylon stocking with oatmeal). The only catch, neither of my girls have diaper rash, we were there for moral support for our friend Mallory who needed entertainment to make a bath last 20 minutes! I'll update and see if Mommy Megan says it worked or not!

To Addy & Lilly's Ball State fans--I'm trying to get a trip up to see you on my calendar--you won't believe how big these girls are!

To my friend Elizabeth who is counting down the days to meet her Baby Evan--we are thinking about you and can't wait to meet our new friend! Maybe you should start a blog!

To Audrey Spice--Happy Birthday--thanks for a fun party! (Tell Grandma Tracy to send pics, I didn't take any!)

To our friend Tyson--hope those ears are feeling better already!

I couldn't resist posting these pics---no longer babies, definitely looking like toddlers!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Linda!

Hope you are having a good trip in Boston--we miss you!