Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Pictures

We spent Memorial Day weekend with Grandma & Grandpa Ash up at Lake Tippecanoe. The girls loved the boat, loved being outside and are still talking about the "turtles", "ishies", "boats" and their "aunt dee". Nothing like fun in the sun with family and friends--let the summer begin!

Great-Grandpa Wild Bill (Gigi B) with Daddy & Lilly in the background


Addy & Ga Ga--the futures so bright, I gotta wear shades!

3 generations here--Gigi (Great-grandma Mickey) Grandma Jody & the girls--there's some McColly blood in these girls for sure!

"Hi boat, Hi, Hi, Hi"
(she's in the habit now of getting louder and louder until someone responds)

"Up Mama, up"--Addy & Me at the pool's country club

Monday, May 25, 2009

School's out....for summer....

Addy is in front of Ms. Jackie and Lilly is next to Ms. Candace

Addy & Lilly had their last day of "school" the other day. They've been in this 1/2 day program on Fridays all year. It's sometimes rough to drop them off, Lilly usually in tears, but they assure me she doesn't cry long and they've made lots of friends! They got their reports cards and each of them got "fully developed" marks on the following skills:
  • Can follow simple directions=
  • Take part in musical activities
  • Enjoy books
  • Can find hidden objects
  • Can sort toys
  • Can point to objects & pictures

About Addy, they said, "Addy is special because she is fond of taking toys into the corner play 'pit' and playing independently. She also likes to look at books in that spot. She hugs all the baby dolls and will put them in the toy refrigerator. Her favorite activity is going on a buggy ride. She will run to it whenever we mention it."

About Lilly, they said, "Lilly is special because she is very active--she entertains herself and everyone else. She loves to ride the rocking horse and wants to be sung to while on it. She loves playing with little manipulative toys--the farm and Noah's Ark. Her vocabulary is really starting to grow."

Not that this isn't stuff we already knew, but it's nice to be reassured....

Memorial Day Weekend Pics to come!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Future legacies?

This beautiful Indiana weather has us spending every day outside. One day this week, we headed off to my old stomping grounds at Butler to hang out with one of our favorite friends (JD & Mama Mlouise).

A long walk, a pop-in to some old friends and I couldn't resist a picture of my little legacies on the rock outside my old sorority think I'll get one sorority girl out these two? We'll have to wait and see, but I think Daddy would prefer not to even think about the possibility.

Monday, May 18, 2009

21 Months!

I'm about a week behind on my blogging, the girls keep me so busy, most days I don't even know what day of the week it is! My good friend from high school, Brooke, had her twins a few weeks ago and I traveled to Cincinnatti for my baby-fix last weekend. Addy & Lilly had a daddy day and I got to do this....

They are tiny and beautiful and make me remember quite how fast we got from there to here....
It continues to be unbelievable how fast they grow. They are really verbal now, repeating most of what you ask them to repeat. Last week, Addy filled her purse with her pretend laptop and pretend phone and walked around the house going "bye-bye-bye"...when I asked her where she was going, she said "Work." Lilly does the same thing with her little shopping cart, she'll blow kisses, walk away and say "Mama, shop". It's a riot. On the flip side of that, they test me every day to see what they can get away with....there are evenings that by the time Jeremy comes home, I feel I've been to battle and the wine can't get opened fast enough! The twos are closer than I feel they should be!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Silent Soldiers

I've said from the beginning, that it takes a village and no one knows that more than mothers of multiples! I think Grandma Linda and Grandma Jody know how much they mean to my girls, they get immediate reactions from Addy & Lilly when they walk in the door. Our "Silent Soldiers" might just be Addy & Lilly's grandpas! They get met with a little apprehension, but the girls warm up quick. Dave shows up with diapers when he visits and Grandpa Ian cooks the best breakfast in town! Thank you both for being such integral parts in our lives!
Reading a bedtime book with Grandpa Dave
Making pizzas with Grandpa Ian

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

These girls have been making me laugh all week, the connections they are making right now are pretty incredible....I'm a lucky mom!

Monday, May 4, 2009

St. Louis Trip

So, why did we decide to do St. Louis with the girls?

  • Jeremy and I have taken trips since they were born, but they've never stayed in a hotel before and we thought it was time....
  • My dad was conferencing for work, so the trip was basically free...
  • 4 hours in the car, long enough to feel like a getaway, but not long enough to regret the trip later.
  • 1 hour time change caused only minor interruptions to their schedules (4:45 wake up?--yikes)

The girls were great, they love spending time with Ga Ga and Ga Ga (yes, that's what they call all 4 of their grandparents right now) Sadler. Here are pictures and some narration for your reading pleasure....

We traveled with very little toys, I knew they are at this great age where they make their own fun--nothing like a long hallway to run and curtains to hide behind to provide hours of entertainment! "Just one more lap, then bed, I swear..."--Lilly

Swimming in the hotel pool with Grandpa Ian " Ga Ga, Ba ba ba ba, chicka, chicka, crash, wa wa, woah." Translates to..."Grandpa, yesterday at the zoo we saw hippos swimming and fishies crashing together in a pool."--Addy, she's becoming so verbal and has her own language and spends most days telling stories no one understands quite yet.
St. Louis is home to the largest urban park in the US (Forest Park), even bigger than Central in NYC. It also has a wonderful playground and this huge concrete turtles. Both the girls can say turtle and I knew this would be fun. A little scared at first, but warmed up quickly. Here's Addy making friends with the smallest turtle in the park.

Mommy, Addy & Lilly perched up on one of the larger turtles.

With Grandma & Grandpa at the zoo--check out the elephant in the background!
Lilly a little scared of the choo-choo at first, but again warmed up quickly. This added to our list of things my little scaredy cat is afraid of...(choo-choo trains, concrete turtles, elevators, Easter bunnies, Santa Clauses, vacumns, leaf/snow blowers, loud planes, the rocket ship on Little Einsteins on the Disney Channel...really, are you serious Lilly?)
Addy, getting a new perspective from Daddy's shoulders... "More, DaDa, More!"

Holding hands, walking with their leashes--I tell you this melts my heart. Oh, and this morning Addy woke first, but when Lilly joined her downstairs, there were "Hi's" exchanged, then hugs! It doesn't get any better than that.
My fearless Addy was brave in the petting zoo, chatting with the goats, here is a video, you can see Lilly hovering around Daddy in the background!
Thanks for a great trip Grandma & Grandpa!