Monday, May 16, 2011

Run Dad Run

Jeremy registered for the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon almost 6 months ago and consistently trained for this run. He'd done it before a few times, before kids, before the constant tug at your attention, time, patience and persistence. This was one more ball for him to juggle and he did it. I decided it deserved some of our Saturday morning attention, so we made the trek downtown to watch the race in action. The weather wasn't fantastic, but the girls were troopers. We posted up right where I told Jeremy we would be, which happened to be next to 1/2 the radio personalities in town, and waited for any guy wearing an obnoxiously bright orange shirt.

L: "Here comes an orange shirt, is that my daddy?"

Me: "No, that's not your daddy, but he'll run past here soon."

L: "That's not my daddy, that guys faster than my daddy, but don't worry mom, daddy won't be last, he's not gonna be last."

(Radio personality snickers)

Me: "Honey, I know he won't be last, keep looking for him."

L: "Here's another orange shirt coming, he's driving a wheelchair, he's super fast, he's faster than our daddy."

Me: "Yep, honey he's faster than your daddy, but daddy will be here soon."

*Daddy comes by with 1 mile left in his run, running a pace to beat his goal of 2 hours. He hugs both the girls and makes sure they know how much he appreciates them coming to see him run, then he's off.

L: "See guys on the radio, that was my daddy and he soooooooooo wasn't last."

He ran through the finish at 2 hours and 33 seconds, but we are shaving off those seconds of him greeting his girls and he made his goal! Congrats Jeremy!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Recital 2011

I remember "The Good Ship Lollipop" and "Monster Mash" and "Born in the USA". They were all songs from my recital days. I remember the stage and the lights. I wasn't any good, but it was fun and I remember feeling special. Hopefully, down the road the girls will remember "Alice and Wonderland" and feeling special. Hopefully they won't remember the "costumes with Playboy undertones" that my husband mentioned or that my wise-motherly words right before they went on stage were: "Please don't pick your nose." But, hey, we had lowered our expectations after Recital 2010 .

Jeremy isn't winning any videography awards, they were apart on stage and hard to film, but the pictures are priceless! The bottom-line, they made us so proud!