Monday, May 9, 2011

Recital 2011

I remember "The Good Ship Lollipop" and "Monster Mash" and "Born in the USA". They were all songs from my recital days. I remember the stage and the lights. I wasn't any good, but it was fun and I remember feeling special. Hopefully, down the road the girls will remember "Alice and Wonderland" and feeling special. Hopefully they won't remember the "costumes with Playboy undertones" that my husband mentioned or that my wise-motherly words right before they went on stage were: "Please don't pick your nose." But, hey, we had lowered our expectations after Recital 2010 .

Jeremy isn't winning any videography awards, they were apart on stage and hard to film, but the pictures are priceless! The bottom-line, they made us so proud!


Anonymous said...

Great Pics Great recital - the girls had a blast. Catherine has already called to order pictures

Catherine said...

I love your outfits girls - I think Kate Middleton has taught us all that we need to learn to accessorize our heads/hair:) Good job being on top of the latest trends! There are not many three year olds that can pull off elbow length gloves!!!! You get it from me;) I love, love, love you both!

Jillian said...

These are the best pictures of the girls yet, I love them! Please send a copy :) Miss you guys!