Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Birthday Concert

Jeremy and I were fortunate enough to tag along with our friends, Abby & Dave, to the Kenny Chesney/Sugarland concert in Indy on my birthday. It was a blast and so fun to do something not related to motherhood to celebrate the day! Thank you! Later in the week, I had dinner with my a few of my other favorite couples, but totally neglected to take a camera. I WON'T have that problem again, though, because Jeremy bought me a fancy new one as my present (pictures from that coming soon). Here are a couple pictures from the night...
Thanks to Ga-Ga Jody & Grandpa Dave who babysat while we stayed out way past curfew!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Colts Sunday Comparisons

Here is our best comparison pictures illustrating what BIG girls we have! Two things remain consistent--the love for the COLTS and daddy's pride!
2007 NFL Kick-Off--4 weeks old

2008 NFL Kick-off, 13 months old

2009 NFL Kick-off, 2 Years old!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday Week (end?)

I turned 30 on Saturday and welcomed the birthday as I typically do, because I LOVE birthdays (especially my own). Any reason to celebrate, be selfish, spend time with friend, be selfish, etc.

So, in true selfish fashion, I passed on my hubby's company summer picnic and opted for a massage and a bit of shopping instead. He called in some reinforcements to entertain the girls and they had a blast!

"Happy bithday MAMA, Hapy bithday to ewwwww!"
What's a picnic without some balloon art?

(taken with daddy's blackberry, so a bit blurry :-)

Addy comparing her tattoo with one of daddy's co-workers....
We LOVE Daddy day!

I'll blog a bit later about my adult happenings to bring in my 30th year, but the BEST gift? Addy gave the potty a little visit on my birthday morning and actually went! I'm going to try and refrain from blogging about our (potty training) PT fiascos as I'm probably more nervous about entering this territory than I have been about anything else! But I had to mark the occasion and comment on the irony that it happened on my birthday! So, ready or not mama, potty-training here we come! (Please send me happy, PATIENT thoughts).

Monday, September 14, 2009

7 Blogs in 7 Days...Day 7

Here we are, at the end of my journey, my memory card has been cleaned off my camera and favorite pictures, stories are now on the blog! At least until the girls get up from their non-nap (the hour they spend jumping in their cribs, not napping).

A few inventions I've been thinking about lately and would like to put them out in the blogosphere and if they come to exist, if Honda or Steve Jobs could throw me a bit of cash, that would be awesome.
1. Why is it that limos have sound proof barriers, but no car dealership has thought this might be a great invention for a mom? Yes, I know car time is valuable family time and I do my fair share of EIEIO and "I spy with my little eye, something that is yellow and takes the big kids to school, what does mommy see?". I engage them A LOT. But every once in a while, we have a full-on tantrum in the car and this mama just needs to drive the car home....a little sound-proof window between me and the kiddos would work out great. Thanks Honda.

2. I've mentioned before that I LOVE my Iphone, everything about it (almost), so I think they should invent a nanny-cam app. Seriously, I invest in a camera for my home (or Steve could send me one for free since it was my idea), install, download the app and I can take a peek into my house (sleeping kids, slacker babysitter, etc) on my iphone. Genius, right?

I'll leave you with a few pics of things Addy & Lilly LOVE right now!

Golf carts, trikes, bikes, anything with wheels, they will chant "Go _____ Go!" I took them on a bike ride earlier and they are my little cheerleaders in the trailer as I go up a hill,
"Go, Mommy, Go!"

They are obsessed with our neighbors. These poor kids. Addy & Lilly wake up and say "Outside, Jake? Scotland?" Then follow them around EVERYWHERE. We end up having to go to the park so I can give the kids a break to play with kids their own age without the shadows that are my kids! (Notice Jake is hold a worm, so don't be surprised when my girls become tree-climbing, dirt digging, tomboys.

School! They love it this year, they love going and know their teachers names and can tell me about their morning on the way home. It's just 2-4 hour days each week, but such good structure for them and me. AND hugs! They give hugs now to each other without coaching, it's delicious.

Friends. I love spending time with their little friends. For the most part, they are pretty good at sharing and always hate to say good-bye. Here we are hanging with Mallory-I love this pic.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

7 Blogs in 7 Days...Day 6

Today will be my rambling post as there are a few things I have in my mind. I'm going to put them out there in the form of SNL's "Really?" with Seth and Amy as it's probably some of my favorite TV moments.

  • I defriended someone for the first time on Facebook this week. He rambled about how Planned Parenthood's staff were the devil. Really? It's just facebook....really.

  • About half the country seemed in an uproar because the President of the United States wanted to tell kids to stay in school. Really? I'm confused why this was a problem....really.

  • My husband has overlapped sports seasons again. We've moved swiftly from golf to football and I know we'll merge right from Super Bowl into March Madness back to baseball. The 'big' events like Indy 500, US Open, Masters are all thrown in there just to fill in the gaps. Really, can a girl get a break? I have a honey-do list that spans 2 pages and can't seem to get a free day. Really?

  • "Role Model" Serena Williams threw herself a little tantrum on the court, cause last year she made something like 150 million, so she has a lot to complain about. Really?

In other news, illustrating my comment above, my girls are ready for football season!

I also got some new appliances, check out my before & after pics--it looks like a totally different kitchen!
Enough rambling for one post---day 7 is tomorrow! Then back to our regularly scheduled program :-)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

7 Blogs in 7 Days...Day 5

Happy Birthday Chase & Cooper! The girls LOVE going to birthday parties right now! We've had Great-grandpa Bill's, Daddy's, Grandma Jody's and more to come! We practiced the song all the way there and then ended up leaving before cake, but still had a blast. Unfortunately, getting a picture of one set of twins is hard, but getting 2 sets together--impossible! So, here are some cute ones of our little ladies, courtesy of our friend Kristin (Thanks!).

It's enough to melt anyone's heart, when they hug and say "I love ewwww sissy."
Gummy fishies on the tables--Addy was in HEAVEN--this is her "more peeeeaaassss" look...

Mom, there are these radio flyer trikes out there that I don't think the boys will miss if we take home, k? They are looking like quite the mischievous pair!
Mommy and her mini-me
Lilly, off in Lilly land....

Friday, September 11, 2009

7 Blogs in 7 Days...Day 4

I would have titled this post Perception vs. Reality if I wasn't using the title above. I have fears that this blog (in its entirety, not this post) doesn't quite do my life, the girls lives, our lives together total justice. I use the blog to keep friends updated and share pictures that I obsessively take, but most months come and go, sharing the highlights and neglecting to tell the full story.

I think of it like a sports highlight reel, without showing the losers in the locker room after the game. The real truth is that this is hard work. Yes, the newborn stage was hard and is all a bit blurry in my mind, but this new age has presented new challenges. They are absorbing EVERYTHING. I try and watch every word I say, I try to discipline with patience, I try to teach sharing instead of shoving, I try and teach numbers and colors and the letters, I try to explore new places, I try to teach manners, I try to teach them to eat with silverware, I try to teach them to tell me when they are wet or poopy, I try not to laugh when one falls and the other one laughs, I try to run/play/explore/get dirty with them. I am trying to raise GOOD people, contributing members of society, that's what all parents want, right?

It's the toughest job ever, don't ever doubt that.

Some days I want to call in sick. Some days I want to give myself a time-out. Some days, they show me signs that I'm not doing such a great job....Lilly still SCREAMS every night when she goes to bed (and believe me we've tried everything short of sticking a muzzle on her) and Addy throws total tantrums when she doesn't get her way. Some afternoons look more like this than that highlight reel.....

and sometimes we become snotty, booger covered messes like this....

I'll spare you the videos I have labeled as "meltdown" just in case my girls want to run for political office or something one day. But honestly, sometimes the end of the day comes and I'm left speechless, exhausted from the day and "spent" in every sense of the word. But then the funniest thing happens, the next morning I get the first hug, the first kiss, the first "I love you mama" and there is no where else I'd rather be.

(This post seems trivial to be posting on 9/11, knowing our world has much bigger issues than my toddler tantrums, I pray my daughters will never have a day in their lives like we, as a country, had 8 years ago. I support our troops, not the war, and specifically EVERY military family, mother, father, grandparent that is acting as a sole caregiver while a family member is deployed....may YOUR day be tantrum free and your family reunited soon.)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

7 Blogs in 7 Days...Day 3

I don't even remember when the Indiana State Fair was, but these pics got lost on my camera memory card, not downloaded for weeks, so here we are! Keep in mind, I'm not really a fair person, so this was out of my element and I only visited the swine barn, horse barn and sheep barn armed with enough Purell to keep my girls germ free for the rest of their lives. The girls had a blast, they love visiting new places and seeing all the animals.

"I'll take a deep fried Snickers bar, chocolate covered bacon, fried cookie dough and an elephant ear for dessert."--Addy, the girl will eat anything anywhere!

Lilly, very curious in the 'do-it-yourself' exhibit, but always wanted "Daddy do it" before she gained the confidence to do it alone---here, she is milking bessy the cow
Addy driving the pink tractor, not quite big enough to reach the pedals, but not for long!
"Mom, they told me I could organize the grain bin--got any of your color coding stickers?"--Addy, adopting some of mom's annoying habits!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

7 Blogs in 7 Days....Day 2

I wrote about Addy & Lilly's flower girl debut here, so I'll hold back on writing again how cute the girls were, how well the gummi bears worked for bribery, and how lucky we were to be a part of this special day (shoot....I did it again!) But I had to share some of the pictures that have been shared since my first post. Enjoy the pictures....

Addy & Lilly hanging out with the bride & groom (Mike & Heather)
Daddy and his princess Addy

Lilly, showing our gummi bear trick to all who could see...

The girls and some of the men who love them!

(R-L: Daddy Jeremy, Groom Mike, Uncle Chris & Uncle Joe)


Lilly dancing with Grandma Linda

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

7 Blogs in 7 Days....

I'm behind with some fun stories and pictures of family fun the last couple weeks and feel I need to document them, because selfishly, this blog is the story of Addy & Lilly and I'd hate to miss some pivotal moments (not that I think this is a pivotal moment, but go with me). So, here is the kick-off to 7 blogs in 7 days, we'll see if I can keep up (a couple comments might make for some good motivation, hint, hint....).

For the girls birthday, we decided we'd hit the Fort Wayne Zoo since we were up north, hanging out at the lake. So, their entourage and I packed them up and headed out for a fun day. I've mentioned before that Addy is fearless, but I wasn't quite prepared as we walked by the pony rides, for her to look at me and say "Addy do it, peas?" Speaking in near sentences now, it is hard not to give them what they ask for and I knew if I didn't let her, I might have some birthday guilt. So, off we went and this......
quickly turned into this.....

Lilly, of course, wanted NOTHING to do with the pony and was perfectly content hanging with the grandmas waving to the horses as they went by.

So, no, we are not saving for a pony for Christmas.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My 2 year-old Lilly

Lilly's post from last year can be read here and to be honest, a lot of her personality characteristics have remained the same. She is most certainly my talker and only occasionally lets her sister get a word in between her outbursts. Riding in the car, she'll sing songs to herself or point and narrate out the window to me. She keeps us honest, like yesterday, I went upstairs and told her mommy was taking a shower, stay and play with daddy. I came down a little later, not still in my pajamas..."Mommy, shower?" was her response. As in, "Get upstairs and do what you said you were going to do Mommy." She's a sponge, wanting to know what to call everything and everyone. A few times each day, we talk about where everyone in the family is...

"daddy?", "Daddy is at work Lilly"

"GaGa Jody?", Grandma is at school teaching the big kids

"GaGa Linda?", Grandma Linda is in Pittsburgh

"Grandpa Dave?", Grandpa Dave is at work

"GaGa Ian?", Grandpa Ian is in Pittsburgh

"Aunt Cat DC?", Yep, honey, Aunt Cat is in DC

"Hide n Seek Joe?", Your uncle Joe is at home

"Uncle Jon?".....seriously, Lilly, there is nothing wrong with your memory, girlfriend....

It's a viscous cycle that happens throughout the day and EVERY night before bed, when we have to go through everybody and say good night. I was NOT prepared to do this at the age of 2. With this, she's also become quite manipulative, quickly figuring out when I say no to snack time or something similar, she can seek out dad and get a different response.

She's still a giggler, loving to laugh and dance. She LOVES to read books, her favorite right now being the Itsy Bitsy Spider which we read at least ten times each day. She loves watching the big kids play outside and yells to them when they get on the school bus each morning. She also loves to talk on the phone (see picture). She isn't the best sleeper, waking first almost every morning and each afternoon nap. She's figured out this is the best way to get alone time with Mom & Dad, so she's working the system for sure. Lilly has happily taken on the role of "big sister" and looks out for Addy much more than Addy looks out for her. If you give her a snack or drink, she'll look for one for her sister and deliver it to her proudly. She also gets very sad when Addy is sad, this is very cute and I wonder if this character trait will stick around.
Lilly eats pretty well, but prefers the toddler diet and will ask for Chicken Nuggets each time we drive by the golden arches. She takes after her daddy and loves a good breakfast-blueberry pancakes are her absolute favorite.

Here's a video of them when they tried on their new pair of "wee-squeak" shoes. They are fun and they love them! When one runs one way and the other another, then I can hear them both! Don't worry, the squeakers can be removed for 'quiet' wear.

Finally, I'll end the post, with her favorite tagline..."Bye-bye, love eww, miss ewww, peace-out"