Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My 2 year-old Lilly

Lilly's post from last year can be read here and to be honest, a lot of her personality characteristics have remained the same. She is most certainly my talker and only occasionally lets her sister get a word in between her outbursts. Riding in the car, she'll sing songs to herself or point and narrate out the window to me. She keeps us honest, like yesterday, I went upstairs and told her mommy was taking a shower, stay and play with daddy. I came down a little later, not still in my pajamas..."Mommy, shower?" was her response. As in, "Get upstairs and do what you said you were going to do Mommy." She's a sponge, wanting to know what to call everything and everyone. A few times each day, we talk about where everyone in the family is...

"daddy?", "Daddy is at work Lilly"

"GaGa Jody?", Grandma is at school teaching the big kids

"GaGa Linda?", Grandma Linda is in Pittsburgh

"Grandpa Dave?", Grandpa Dave is at work

"GaGa Ian?", Grandpa Ian is in Pittsburgh

"Aunt Cat DC?", Yep, honey, Aunt Cat is in DC

"Hide n Seek Joe?", Your uncle Joe is at home

"Uncle Jon?".....seriously, Lilly, there is nothing wrong with your memory, girlfriend....

It's a viscous cycle that happens throughout the day and EVERY night before bed, when we have to go through everybody and say good night. I was NOT prepared to do this at the age of 2. With this, she's also become quite manipulative, quickly figuring out when I say no to snack time or something similar, she can seek out dad and get a different response.

She's still a giggler, loving to laugh and dance. She LOVES to read books, her favorite right now being the Itsy Bitsy Spider which we read at least ten times each day. She loves watching the big kids play outside and yells to them when they get on the school bus each morning. She also loves to talk on the phone (see picture). She isn't the best sleeper, waking first almost every morning and each afternoon nap. She's figured out this is the best way to get alone time with Mom & Dad, so she's working the system for sure. Lilly has happily taken on the role of "big sister" and looks out for Addy much more than Addy looks out for her. If you give her a snack or drink, she'll look for one for her sister and deliver it to her proudly. She also gets very sad when Addy is sad, this is very cute and I wonder if this character trait will stick around.
Lilly eats pretty well, but prefers the toddler diet and will ask for Chicken Nuggets each time we drive by the golden arches. She takes after her daddy and loves a good breakfast-blueberry pancakes are her absolute favorite.

Here's a video of them when they tried on their new pair of "wee-squeak" shoes. They are fun and they love them! When one runs one way and the other another, then I can hear them both! Don't worry, the squeakers can be removed for 'quiet' wear.

Finally, I'll end the post, with her favorite tagline..."Bye-bye, love eww, miss ewww, peace-out"


Catherine said...

That video is freaking hilarious! They are both so not graceful;) I cannot imagine who they inherited their klutziness from! I think those shoes would drive me insane in about fifteen minutes. Lilly is seriously the most verbal kid in the world - she is awfully fond of the sound of her own voice. I just really really hope she has a better singing voice than the Sadler siblings! Maybe she's the next Mariah.

I love Lilly and cannot wait to hear what her next signature phrase will be:)

Anonymous said...

I love this post. My lilly is amazing at everything.....but most important....driving her mother crazy! Dad

mamalouise said...

Love the "Addy" and "Lilly" posts! They are both amazing (your children AND your blogs :), love them to pieces! Side note: you rearranged again! Loving it sister...(I know, I am a nightmare, but I couldn't NOT mention it, lets be serious) Another side note: Apparently its been TOO LONG since I have been to your house. :)