Sunday, September 13, 2009

7 Blogs in 7 Days...Day 6

Today will be my rambling post as there are a few things I have in my mind. I'm going to put them out there in the form of SNL's "Really?" with Seth and Amy as it's probably some of my favorite TV moments.

  • I defriended someone for the first time on Facebook this week. He rambled about how Planned Parenthood's staff were the devil. Really? It's just facebook....really.

  • About half the country seemed in an uproar because the President of the United States wanted to tell kids to stay in school. Really? I'm confused why this was a problem....really.

  • My husband has overlapped sports seasons again. We've moved swiftly from golf to football and I know we'll merge right from Super Bowl into March Madness back to baseball. The 'big' events like Indy 500, US Open, Masters are all thrown in there just to fill in the gaps. Really, can a girl get a break? I have a honey-do list that spans 2 pages and can't seem to get a free day. Really?

  • "Role Model" Serena Williams threw herself a little tantrum on the court, cause last year she made something like 150 million, so she has a lot to complain about. Really?

In other news, illustrating my comment above, my girls are ready for football season!

I also got some new appliances, check out my before & after pics--it looks like a totally different kitchen!
Enough rambling for one post---day 7 is tomorrow! Then back to our regularly scheduled program :-)


Catherine said...

Aimee, I was so happy about this seven day blog marathon until I saw those freaking Colts jerseys:( Depressing. Why do you insist on putting my little darlings in those atrocious electric blue nightmares! Your kitchen looks really nice:) Very shiny - Maybe I should put a picture of my kitchen up:) My kitchen is much less shiny and alot more filled with shoes:)

jillian said...

Kitchen looks great! And I love the Colts jerseys, I broke mine out today too and it worked, the Colts had their first win of the season. I love the picture of you and Lilly in the next post, soo cute!

A lady. said...

I love your ramblings. I can echo a "really" after a lot of those. I also have a lot of "reallys?" after watching the VMAs. They were nuts.