Sunday, June 29, 2008

Assault with Baby teeth

Day of attack: June 28, 2008

Victim: Lillian Ash

Assailant: Addison Ash

Description of events: Assailant was rolling on top of victim and victim attempted to swat her off. The harassment continued and before any witnesses could intervene, the assailant grabbed the victims arm and took a bite.
Photographic Evidence:

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears

We went to the zoo today! Grandma Linda, Megan and Mallory Cahill all joined in the fun. Addy's favorite were the elephants and Lilly LOVED the dolphin show. It was a treat, but all the fun had the girls exhausted! Here are some of our favorite pictures from the day...

As for other milestones this week. The girls got asked out on their first date. After the zoo, we had the girls playing in their exersaucers on the driveway and 2 of the neighborhood boys drove up in their electric Jeep. One of them (I'll keep anonymous for future embarassment), asked "We were wondering if the babies could take a ride with us in our car." I told them I didn't think the babies could ride safely in the car and maybe next summer. He then sped off in a huff. I think this is signs of future trouble... Other milestones--Addy and Lilly now have 6 teeth! Their toothy grins are priceless. They are also working on clapping, waving and formulating words. No wonder they are so tired. Here's a video of Addy in the walker on the driveway. Please refrain from leaving me comments about how dangerous these toys are, I'm fully aware, but at this point I use them just so they are contained for short periods of time. I figure they are safer than eating rocks, grass and mulch.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Daddy's Day

Here's a picture of our dad and his girls.
I think we'd all agree the last year has been a whirl.
He's our favorite guy around.
With him, fun times will always be found.
We laugh now when he walks in the room.
Because we know that tickle time will come very soon.
From the lake, to our walks or just couch time you see.
There is no where else than with our dad we'd rather be.
Da-Da, Dad, Daddy, Father and Friend he'll be called.
We just hope our craziness won't make him go bald!
We love you Daddy!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Pictures--10 months old!

"I'm the man"--Jacob Dumas

"I'm getting used to this water thing--it's not so bad."--Lilly

"Mom's dressing us in stupid outfits again..."--Addy

"If these seats could recline, I bet we could get the whole foot in."
(This is after dinner, after baths and in PJ's,
we go out front to watch the big kids play before bed!)

An early morning walk with great-grandma Mickey and great-grandpa Bill,
what lucky girls they are!

And for those that can't get enough of the giggles... (Can you tell I LOVE my new stroller?)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Addy & Lilly's College Tour

With an educator as a mom, these girls will begin to hear the importance of school and college from a very early age. We already watch for the school buses and get excited to see the big kids getting on and off. So, the last couple weeks brought visits to the 3 colleges of their choice: IU (Dad's alma mater and Mom's first employer), Butler (Mom's alma mater) and Ball State (Mom's graduate school alma mater and Mom's second employer). Here are the pictures of my soon-to-be scholars.

Will they be Hoosiers like their daddy?

But they look picture perfect on the Butler lawn with fellow Butler legacy Jacob Dumas...

And they already have quite a fan club in Muncie, so maybe they'll be Cardinals after all?

We will have to wait and see. They enjoyed their tour around the state. I'll post other pictures from our last week later!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer Fun

We survived another week! Lilly was finally diagnosed with an ear infection and fluid in the other ear so that explained her misery. Addy had "Hand Foot Mouth Syndrome". Is it just me or do my kids get some weird stuff? Anyway, it sounds worse than it was, but no medication, it just had to run its course. Both infections seriously impacted napping and sleeping, and the girls were more needy than usual, but we survived the week and managed to have a little fun. Both girls seem to be on the upswing. Here are some pics from our last week.
"Mom-daddy said if my ears still hurt I could sleep in here and watch whatever I want on TV"-Lilly
"Maybe a country club with pool boys is in our future"-Mallory Cahill

"It's kind of like bathtime, but we're outside, what the hell?"-Lilly

"Lilly and Mallory are busy with the boys-but I'm ready for my photo shoot"-Addy

Oh, yea and the first sign of HFM in infants is a loss of interest in solid foods. Here is Addy's illustration of the symptom. Textbook, eh?