Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Pictures--10 months old!

"I'm the man"--Jacob Dumas

"I'm getting used to this water thing--it's not so bad."--Lilly

"Mom's dressing us in stupid outfits again..."--Addy

"If these seats could recline, I bet we could get the whole foot in."
(This is after dinner, after baths and in PJ's,
we go out front to watch the big kids play before bed!)

An early morning walk with great-grandma Mickey and great-grandpa Bill,
what lucky girls they are!

And for those that can't get enough of the giggles... (Can you tell I LOVE my new stroller?)


Christina said...

Oh my gosh! Those giggles! They are so cute!

That is really a great stroller. What kind is it?

Catherine said...

Girls - you are getting so big! It cracks me up a little bit that you love putting your feet in your mouth so much! Girls - we wear pretty shoes on our feet! I love your swimsuits - way to work the crowd in all these pictures:) You look really cute and looks like you love your new stroller as much as your mom does! Babies - I have been in California and I think you would like it there;) I am glad your mom and dad have been taking you around to all the colleges I must however add my two cents that grad school is not something you should go for. Just college and then call it a day. I miss you guys and love watching your videos!