Monday, June 9, 2008

Addy & Lilly's College Tour

With an educator as a mom, these girls will begin to hear the importance of school and college from a very early age. We already watch for the school buses and get excited to see the big kids getting on and off. So, the last couple weeks brought visits to the 3 colleges of their choice: IU (Dad's alma mater and Mom's first employer), Butler (Mom's alma mater) and Ball State (Mom's graduate school alma mater and Mom's second employer). Here are the pictures of my soon-to-be scholars.

Will they be Hoosiers like their daddy?

But they look picture perfect on the Butler lawn with fellow Butler legacy Jacob Dumas...

And they already have quite a fan club in Muncie, so maybe they'll be Cardinals after all?

We will have to wait and see. They enjoyed their tour around the state. I'll post other pictures from our last week later!


Christina said...

So cute. They will surely be the prettiest girls on campus, no matter where they go. And that Jacob Dumas is one little hottie!

jillian said...

Hilarious! No pressure girls. I vote for Hoosiers.

Anonymous said...

Here we go HOOSIERS...Here we go!!

- Pops

Shane & Erika said...

Don't forget The Woods! We are always looking for the next generation of smart, accomplished, leaders in the making to become Woodsies ;)