Sunday, June 29, 2008

Assault with Baby teeth

Day of attack: June 28, 2008

Victim: Lillian Ash

Assailant: Addison Ash

Description of events: Assailant was rolling on top of victim and victim attempted to swat her off. The harassment continued and before any witnesses could intervene, the assailant grabbed the victims arm and took a bite.
Photographic Evidence:


Catherine said...

Addy, violence is never the answer. I do not know why you would ever think it is, you come from good democratic stock - there is no republican blood in you;) Give peace a chance Addy. Lilly, I am sure that Aimee and I did much worse to Jonathan than a little bite and he turned out ok :) See you soon girls! Stop fighting!

Christina said...

Oh, poor Lilly!

Although, as a fellow sister, I can tell you that Addison probably thought she had a pretty good reason for that bite.

Anonymous said...

I am led to believe that Lilly has contacted super lawyer Edgar Snyder whose claim is "you do not pay a penny until we get money for you"----he is looking into Addy's assets and future earning power to see at what age she could pay off a multi-million dollar settlement for pain, suffering,mental anguish and extreme trauma!!!!!!