Monday, June 16, 2008

Daddy's Day

Here's a picture of our dad and his girls.
I think we'd all agree the last year has been a whirl.
He's our favorite guy around.
With him, fun times will always be found.
We laugh now when he walks in the room.
Because we know that tickle time will come very soon.
From the lake, to our walks or just couch time you see.
There is no where else than with our dad we'd rather be.
Da-Da, Dad, Daddy, Father and Friend he'll be called.
We just hope our craziness won't make him go bald!
We love you Daddy!


Brooke said...

Too Cute! Hope you guys had a great day!!

Catherine said...

Girls - you are such good little swimmers! I am so impressed:) And your hats are obviously purchased by someone with impeccable taste;) While I do love your dad - I also cannot help but notice he is the least fashion forward of anyone in that picture - everyone has their strengths and weaknesses;) I hope you guys had a great time with your dad on father's day - I am sure he spoiled you!!! Seems like you two are having a rocking summer! Someone is turning 1 soon! Cannot wait for the big party! I have been showing everyone at work your adorable pictures and everyone loves you guys!