Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lillyisms and "Making up" scientific discoveries

Lilly: We gotta get dressed so we can go to the gym!
Mama: We are going to stay home today to get rid of our coughs, we don't want to get anyone at the gym sick, do we?
Lilly: But, but, my Monday friends were expecting me!


8 p.m. Mama tucks Lilly into bed and explains that Daddy is working late, but will come and tuck her in when he gets home.
9:15 p.m. Daddy sneaks into her room to find her sitting up, arms crossed. "It is pitch black outside and you are very very late."


8 p.m. Mama tucks Lilly into bed
8:30 p.m:
Mama: "Honey, you need to close your eyes for sleep now, no more songs."
Lilly: "But it's not dark out. I'm not sleeping until it's dark out."
Mama: "Remember mommy told you in the summer time it stays lighter later, but we still need to go to bed."
Lilly: "Why does it stay lighter later?"
Mama: "It has to do with the moon and sun and earth--the days are longer in the summer time so the sun shines longer."
Lilly: "I think that is stuff moms make up and tell their kids so they go to bed sooner."


A fight between mama & Lilly persists as Lilly refuses to use manners and thank her friend for inviting us over to play. After her punishment for not using manners, she says. "Don't tell me what to do in front of my friends."


My mom may have said it best when she said, "That child has walked this earth before." Not sure I totally believe in that stuff, but seriously, she sounds like she's 12 this week. Where the hell did my baby go?

Now, back to meeting with other moms and making up the planets orbiting in the solar system.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Are you there Spring?

This is normally my favorite time of year--the green grass, getting outside again and Easter--I love it all! This year, we keep getting teaser days where we play hard outside, only to have another round of rain and we are back inside for's the pits! Couple that with what seems to be never-ending rounds of feeling crummy, but not crummy enough to get on any good meds and I'm in a bit of a funk. We did manage to have a wonderful Easter--celebrated with 4 generations a fact that still amazes me when it happens. The bunny left the girls a scavenger hunt to lead them to a MONSTER basket of goodies and they loved the never-ending treats over the course of the day. They did another egg hunt at a local country club, but once they gathered a few told me that they would 'leave the rest for the other kids'. A thoughtful gesture illustrating just how quickly they are growing up!

As for the rest of Spring, this week brings us another recital, so we will hope to avoid any incidents similar to last year.We are also gardening for the first time, so I'll blog about that as we progress through the season. Lastly, we will be attending a princess party to watch the Royal Wedding this week! Lots to do, but must get healthy first!


Addy, looking so grown up!


Outside of church--she kept checking herself out in all the mirrors we saw that day! I think she liked the princess look!

Sneaking some jelly beans in at church

Daddy & Addy

Hugs on Easter!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Interview with Addy

Monday, April 11, 2011

Interview with Lilly

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bulldog Recruits: Class of 2029

I couldn't make the trek to Houston to cheer on my Alma mater as they win a national championship, so we did the next best thing. We headed down to the Women's Final Four in Indianapolis for the free family events they hosted. The girls had a blast and we added another reason we love living in Indy to our growing list! Here's the Top 10 reasons Addy & Lilly may be great recruits for the Lady Bulldogs: Class of 2029:

10. If there isn't chocolate or bacon involved, they share well and are good team players.

9. They are well-rounded athletes--first attempt at lacrosse and Addy got it in the net!

8. Lilly is currently ambidextrous. She writes left, dribbles right, swings a golf club left and throws a ball right...that takes talent folks.

7. If they get injured, they can always fall back on that top-of-the-line degree and go into broadcasting.

6. They are learning the "Butler Way" early in their lives and passion & dedication shows--check out that concentration!

5. They show tremendous respect for coaches.

4. Their blue eyes sparkle when wearing the school colors.

3. They are currently wearing size 11 shoes for toddlers--last average I heard was an 8. That could say something about their height.

2. They already know the fight song.

1. They'd be close enough to come home for family dinners :-)

Let's Go Dawgs!