Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa Sightings 2011

The month has already been a whirlwind and A & L are so excited about the holidays! They keep track of their days in 'number of sleeps', so today, we have

  • 13 sleeps until Aunt Cat comes to visit

  • 14 sleeps until Santa comes

  • 20 sleeps until Uncle Jon & Maggie's wedding

Their life seems to be a party right now, but they are loving it. We did breakfast with Santa yesterday and they each took their notes to him. Addy was very detailed, complete with a cut-out picture from a catalog. She wants the doll carriage & horse. Lilly was less specific, asking for books, toys and barbies. In a classic mom-of-the-year move, I took a camera with no battery power, so the pictures from my cell phone will have to do this year! I was just grateful they smiled instead of cried!

Addy & Santa

Lilly & Santa