Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa Sightings...

Okay, so there are a few things my kids don't like: green beans, dogs, cats and Santa. Who can forget the infamous mall trauma that happened in 2008?
So, when I left for Phoenix 2 weeks ago, my mom and mother-in-law and husband were under strict orders to NOT visit Santa. I didn't want to miss the memory and I certainly didn't want to traumatize them without their mama around for comfort. However, this cell phone picture circulated and despite Jeremy's best attempt at telling me that Santa just "happened" to appear in the community building where they went sledding, I was a bit skeptic. But, as you can see Addy LOVED him, ran right up and gave a hug and began her list. "Santa, I want a pink bear, a pillow pet, books and baby stuff." Lilly gave him the cold shoulder and clung to her daddy like white on rice. That goes down as Santa Sighting 2010 #1.

Santa Sighting 2010 #2 happened while Jody treated the girls, her mother and my mother to the Polar Bear Express adventure through the Parks & Recreation department in Fishers. We've read the book (perhaps not enough to prep for the event) and I sent the girls off in their PJ's while I attended one of 5 different holiday parties. They were beyond excited--trains, snacks, BOTH grandmas--it was their heaven! Until they saw Santa, "Santa's Wife"-as they call her, and the Polar Bear. Addy, again recounted her wish list and Lilly cowarded behind her sister. There are no pictures of the Polar Bear as both were in tears on a respective grandma's lap.

"Hey--fat guy--keep those hands where I can see them and don't get too close."

"Good thing I brought protection."

When I got home from my party, I went and tucked both girls in with kisses to each. Addy opened her eyes a bit and wanted to show me her new bear that she had gotten from "Santa's wife". I said, "I love it, Mrs. Claus is so nice isn't she?" Addy said, "Santa's wife is alright, but next time, can we go on the train without the Polar Bear?" Only my kids would want to take the Polar Bear out of the Polar Bear Express...

Santa Sighting #3 was a bit better orchestrated. Instead of standing in line at the mall and plopping them on a lap, my parents signed us up for Breakfast with Santa at a local country club. We did a lot of preparation for this visit. I knew stage-fright might overcome them, so we decided to dictate letters to Santa the night before so we would remember to ask for everything on our list. Complete with each of their own signatures! Lilly's read something like this:
"Dear Santa, I've been a good girl and I share everything with
my Daddy. I want books and toys and puzzles and toys and a doggie pillow pet.
Don't be late."
Addy's letter read:

"Dear Santa, You already know I want a pink bear and books. I too want a dolphin
pillow pet and clothes for my babies. I will share with my sissy."

So, dressed to meet Santa, we arrived and the good-lookin' couple read both letters aloud while the girls listened and nodded, reassuring their own words.

Before breakfast, Lilly kept a safe distance and declared that "No one could touch her."

Perhaps time to delve into the concept of "stranger danger" with this one--a candy cane offering and she was SOLD!

Then we sat down for breakfast, the girls were chatty as always, but I could literally see Lilly's wheels turning. She said, "All these kids sat on Santa's lap and they aren't scared." and "Do you think if I sit on Santa's lap, he'll remember me?" Man, she is her mama's daughter--totally over-analyzing the situation and boosting her own confidence. Then, she made the decision. "Mommy, if you hold me doll and daddy watches me, I want to sit on Santa's wife's lap, but you can't make me sit on Santa's." So, that's what we did and THAT is the story of our first "no tears" picture with the Claus Family! As always, in Lilly's time....


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love!!! It did take some convincing by both grandmas that the polar bear was just Santa's helper. Addy told us that she only liked "these bears (pointing to the stuffed bears hanging from the ceiling) and not those guys that lived outside."

Anonymous said...

What a great blog and some pretty funny situations. Do not think you will be taking them up to Canada to see all the polar bears---what do they think of the polar bears at the Indy zoo? Where did they learn about pillow pets and what fabulous imaginations they have. Looking forward to seeing them in their school show Friday evening, weather permitting!!!
Gaga Ian

Catherine said...

Girls - you have come a long way:) You look fab in your pajamas! Polar bears, dogs, and cats are scary - I'm with you guys - animals belong in the zoo not the house. It's enough we let your Uncle Jon in the house;) So excited to see you two at Christmas!!!!

Jillian said...

I'm with Ian, how do they already know about pillow pets? Great blog, glad Lilly tackled her fears and finally did it. I love the way her mind works!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Addy looks so much like Olivia Newton John in Grease!! (esp. in the summer nights scene!) (: