Sunday, December 5, 2010

Guest Blogger: Daddy's Boot Camp

Abandoned for six days last week our matriarch left for a work conference and I was left playing zone defense.

That's right....Dad was in charge this week and it was "survival of the fittest".

She attempts to send a detailed report, itemizing each day's activities (see below) over email to Gaga Jody, Gaga Linda, and I.......the bottom line was she wasn't here and my regime took over. I'm not going to lie, the girls routine stayed in place for the most part and we did not stray to far off the "chiefs" agenda. Up at 6:15 to 6:30, naps around 1:00 and bedtime around 8:00 p.m.
However, I do admit that some things did indeed change. On on my watch, there was very little discipline (except for threats about our new elf on a shelf "Bubba-Fiji" telling Santa if the girls had been bad), fairly under par eating choices/habits (ate out three times and served our first batch of chocolate pancakes), and terrible hair maintenance (I took rubber bands to school twice for teachers to do their hair). Moms are especially good at those items.
One thing is for sure, we missed MOM immensely and I don't know if we could have survived much more than 6 days. The Ash household is NOT the same without Aimee here.

I also want to thank my Mom and the Best Mother-In-Law everfor their help with the girls and actually allowing me to work a little this past week too.

Excerpt of e-mail from Aimee titled "TRIP AGENDA"

Saturday (I fly SW1415): DADDY DAY, 5 p.m. - Linda Here
*Mom if you can throw in a load of laundry or 2, I'd be forever grateful! (I actually told Jeremy NOT to do it as he can't be trusted), Bath Night, I'll arrives late
Pictures that I took on my phone and texted Aimee through out the week with my own little comments that were sent with each pic!

8: 37 a.m Saturday - "Last morning with Dad at the helm
deserves Hershey chocolate pancakes! "God Bless America"

8:55 a.m. Saturday - "Both of them have consumed 6 pancakes and are working on # 7. WOW! Could be a record setting morning! Kobayashi (Addy) vs. Joey Chesnut (Lilly). This sounds crazy but they keep dipping their pancakes in their glass of water to make them go down easier. Are we raising future eating contest champs of the world?"

9:08 a.m. Saturday - " Action Photo. Lilly stole the pancake and Addy attacked like a starved grizzly. Fist fight ensued. On our way to hospital as Addy just cracked a beer bottle on Lilly's head"

6:04 p.m. Friday - To Aimee : "Casler's Monkey Act"

6:06 p.m. Friday From Aimee :"Have you eaten at home this week?"

6:49 P.M Friday - "Uncle Johnny working with Lilly on south paw writing skills"

6:58 p.m. Friday - "Verbatim message from your ladies!!!
Mommy, I miss you, I love you, I kiss you!"

12:18 p.m. Friday - "Riding a goat on the carousel wasn't my first choice Dad!!"

12:13 p.m. Friday - " Hi MOM....we miss you! Come home soon!"

10:55 a.m. Saturday - "We have moved up to the triple black diamond sledding hill mom! Aren't you so proud?"


Anonymous said...

You are a great Dad and the girls had a wonderful week although missing Mummy, I am very proud of my favorite son-in-law.