Thursday, November 24, 2011

Camping with Uncle Chris

This fall, Jeremy asked his brother to take the girls on their first camping trip with him. This mama (and her anxiety) stayed home and promised I'd go next Spring! The girls had a blast, they LOVE being outside, LOVE being with their Uncle & Daddy and can't wait for their next trip.

Pictures say it all!

Nature walk

Playing in the stream

They loved playing in the tent before dark

Sisters take a rest from the hike

With Uncle Chris at one of the lookout towers

Lilly, loving the woods

and the s'mores

Addy on a sugar high!

Friday, November 18, 2011

School Days

I'm so fortunate to have found a school that we all LOVE. We did Mom's Day out when they were younger, pulled them out of a daycare facility we didn't like, we've done 1 day then 2 days, now 3 days in a pre-school and they are learning so much.

The school offered some 'extracurriculars' this year that you could attend (for a small fee, right?). They could choose from a Tumble Class, Karate, Spanish or Music & Movement. They chose to do a Spanish class once a week. They love "learning Dora's language" and have fun counting & telling me colors in Spanish.

Their primary teacher is Russia, so the girls know a lot about Russia and will be the first to tell you that Ms. Katarina braids their hair much better than mommy! Addy's favorite part of the day is almost always play time outside & craft time. Lilly loves circle time and listening to books. They are both in the early stages of reading--asking how to spell things and trying to sound out words.

They'll be eligible for kindergarten in the fall and the thought of it makes anxious of what lies ahead for us! They will be very near the cut-off point and Jeremy & I are weighing out the pros & cons of putting them in versus holding them back. If anyone has an opinion, we are all ears! Our fear is we will have one that is ready and one not quite, so the debate will continue until we have to make a decision in the Spring.

Here are their most recent 'school pictures'!

Lilly, always ready for the camera!

Addy, reluctantly shares a grin...

Monday, November 14, 2011


I love Saturdays. I love the occasional day when we can wake up with no plans and the whole day ahead. The girls love Saturdays too. They love big breakfasts made to order. Jeremy and I try and take turns getting to sleep in every once in a while, so the girls will capitalize on this and take advantage of having the full attention of one of us to color pictures, paint toe nails, dress-up, cook or play games. Here are some pictures to highlight the last few fun Saturdays we've had together.
Lilly & Addy as super-heros as they celebrate a friends birthday in fashion (these were their outfits for the weekend-the refused to wear anything else)

A little yard work turns into BIG fun with dad at their great-grandparents house

Puppet shows are a Saturday favorite-Lilly collects her admission cost and they set the dolls up as their audience--too cute!

Some Saturdays are best for snuggles & cartoons

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

There's No Place Like Home: Halloween 2011

October was a whirlwind. I seemed to be sick for most of it, almost 2 weeks of respiratory issues, so many things on the 'to-do' list went unchecked: Zooboo, pumpkin patch, Friendly/Haunted house at the children's museum & the annual picture taking in the leaf piles. I'm trying to learn to erase the mommy guilt and enjoy whatever I can. However, I think since I did carry the mommy guilt, I may have over-compensated with overbooking a few social activities to celebrate Halloween. With all of Addy & Lilly's social engagements also came costume changes. They have a serious obsession with dress-up right now, so they took full advantage of the season. Enjoy the pictures...

Addy in her first Princess costume of the month

Dr. Lilly ready for her party at the YMCA
Addy was then inspired to be Princess #2

Minnie Mouse made an appearance for their pre-school party

Here's Addy as Dorthy & Lilly as the Cowardly Lion for the night of Halloween

The whole family got in the spirit for a friend's party-this time Lilly was Dorthy & Addy was the Cowardly Lion (perk of twins, right? a quick costume trade?)