Friday, November 18, 2011

School Days

I'm so fortunate to have found a school that we all LOVE. We did Mom's Day out when they were younger, pulled them out of a daycare facility we didn't like, we've done 1 day then 2 days, now 3 days in a pre-school and they are learning so much.

The school offered some 'extracurriculars' this year that you could attend (for a small fee, right?). They could choose from a Tumble Class, Karate, Spanish or Music & Movement. They chose to do a Spanish class once a week. They love "learning Dora's language" and have fun counting & telling me colors in Spanish.

Their primary teacher is Russia, so the girls know a lot about Russia and will be the first to tell you that Ms. Katarina braids their hair much better than mommy! Addy's favorite part of the day is almost always play time outside & craft time. Lilly loves circle time and listening to books. They are both in the early stages of reading--asking how to spell things and trying to sound out words.

They'll be eligible for kindergarten in the fall and the thought of it makes anxious of what lies ahead for us! They will be very near the cut-off point and Jeremy & I are weighing out the pros & cons of putting them in versus holding them back. If anyone has an opinion, we are all ears! Our fear is we will have one that is ready and one not quite, so the debate will continue until we have to make a decision in the Spring.

Here are their most recent 'school pictures'!

Lilly, always ready for the camera!

Addy, reluctantly shares a grin...


Jenny said...

Oh Aimee, I haven't been here for a while. I love the new look of the blog and I can't believe how big the girls look and how long their hair is. Precious. My Lily is always ready with a smile while Addie holds back too. :) My photographer said when she gets a photo with a great beautiful genuine smile from Addie she feels like she hit the jackpot, because she doen't give those up for just anyone, you have to work for it. :)

FWIW, my girls are both very close to the cut off on opposite ends of the spectrum. One is the oldest in her class and one will be near the youngest. I thought about testing Lily ahead and holding Addie back. But in the end, we've decided to just let them be on the normal schedules that the schools propose. Their preschool teachers were very helpful in making the assessment as was meeting the Kindergarten teachers at sign up night in the spring. I would recommend you talk to a teacher who sees them in the classroom, and knows what it will be like for them.

Here was have the option of full day or half, so we chose half day, and the adjustment from 3 half days to 5 half days has worked perfectly for Lily and we are going to do the same with Addie.

See if you would be able to talk to a Kindergarten teacher at you school-to-be about your concerns and get some insight from her. I bet they have so many of us parents teetering on this decision.

In the end, I believe they make the cut off for a good reason, and that Kinder teachers are used to having a WIDE range of kids, some that didn't even go to PreSchool.

I was the very youngest in my class. Started K at 4 and my Bday is in november. The cons for me were just social immaturity, getting a bra last (ha), talking too much. My mom always said she would much rather me be last than first because ALL the boys hovered over those girls. At the time, I didn't get her point, but now I do. And in the end I will have one daughter who is the oldest in her class, and one who is near the youngest. And I think it will all work out just fine.

I know that you will make an informed, thoughtful, and gut decision about this, one that you will all be happy with. Just like so many other tough choices in parenting. You know what you are doing. Trust yourself! :)

Long-winded-unproofread comment OUT!

Bon Bon Mom said...

AS a former Kindergarten teacher, I would say, trust your judgement. Do they seem ready? Can the write their names, know several letters, numbers, etc? How do they seem next to other kids in the age group heading off to Kindergarten next year? About the same or less mature/ready? Some of those July/August birthday kids are just SO young and they have a hard time with a lot. Remember, they will have been 4 just days before school starts and some kids will be 6 almost right away. They're your kids and you know what it best!

Another thing I'm wondering, are you considering separating them once they are in Kindergarten? Or at any point? Just curious.

Aimee said...

Yea! I love posting and figuring out that even a couple people read what I put up :-)

@Jenny--thanks for your vote of confidence, I agree with you completely!

@Bon Bon Mom--we will probably split, it is encouraged in the school district we feed into and their pre-school teacher seems to think they'd thrive split (one tends to talk 'for' her sister occasionally.) We actually requested if the preschool enrolled enough kids to justify 2 4 year old rooms this year, we try the split, but they didn't.

Katie said...

I don't think there is a right or wrong answer on whether to send them next year or hold off. I do see more a trend that the younger students in my 2nd grade class struggle a little more than the older ones--there are always exceptions though. I think another thing to consider is that if you are happy with their current preschool than there isn't a sense of urgency to start kindergarten. Just my two cents! Like everyone else said--I know you will make the right decision for your girls!

Catherine said...

I freaking love my girls! They look so grown up in their school photos - and Lilly never met a camera she could not charm;) I am sure you guys will make the best decision for the girls when it comes to school, they are so smart I think they will excel in school. I miss you guys & cannot wait to see you. The elf on the shelf arrives soon!