Monday, November 14, 2011


I love Saturdays. I love the occasional day when we can wake up with no plans and the whole day ahead. The girls love Saturdays too. They love big breakfasts made to order. Jeremy and I try and take turns getting to sleep in every once in a while, so the girls will capitalize on this and take advantage of having the full attention of one of us to color pictures, paint toe nails, dress-up, cook or play games. Here are some pictures to highlight the last few fun Saturdays we've had together.
Lilly & Addy as super-heros as they celebrate a friends birthday in fashion (these were their outfits for the weekend-the refused to wear anything else)

A little yard work turns into BIG fun with dad at their great-grandparents house

Puppet shows are a Saturday favorite-Lilly collects her admission cost and they set the dolls up as their audience--too cute!

Some Saturdays are best for snuggles & cartoons


Anonymous said...

Love this post. Oh the joys of four year olds. Fun! Fun! Fun! They are certainly living in the "now". We should all take a lesson.

GaGa Jody

Anonymous said...

Could not agree more. They look so similar in their super-hero costumes--I almost had to do a double take --which is which? I think morning is their favorite time but they usually spend breakfast discussing the remaining meals of the day with a special focus on when "snacks" will be provided,permitted and available!!! ga ga Ian

Catherine said...

Addy & Lilly seem to be having a fabulous Fall! They look so grown-up now, I can't wait to see them and am counting the "sleeps" until I do.