Thursday, November 24, 2011

Camping with Uncle Chris

This fall, Jeremy asked his brother to take the girls on their first camping trip with him. This mama (and her anxiety) stayed home and promised I'd go next Spring! The girls had a blast, they LOVE being outside, LOVE being with their Uncle & Daddy and can't wait for their next trip.

Pictures say it all!

Nature walk

Playing in the stream

They loved playing in the tent before dark

Sisters take a rest from the hike

With Uncle Chris at one of the lookout towers

Lilly, loving the woods

and the s'mores

Addy on a sugar high!


Anonymous said...

What a great way to spend some time communing with nature and giving Mum a break! The photos do say it all and they will love camping for the next few years until it is NOT cool( this will coincide when they determine that they need their own room when staying in a hotel) so make the best of it and let them learn as much as possible from their own cuiosity.
GaGa Ian ( although Addy told me last weekend that officially I am now Grandpa Ian??? )

Anonymous said...

I loved this trip. Chris is in next year too!