Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fortune Telling, Snow Cones, Tattoos & Say Cheese!

The blog is getting more and more challenging to update as time seems to slip away! The girls turned 5 last weekend. It was the final summer weekend before they headed off to Kindergarten, so I thought we'd go big! We did carnival theme, complete with a Tumblebus that you can rent for parties that has tumbling and games inside an air-conditioned converted school bus (my attempt at keeping kids out of my house if it was 100 degrees!). The Uncles and Aunt Maggie (with help from our amazing neighbor) staffed stations to earn tickets that could be traded in for prizes. The stations were Fortune Teller, Tattoo Parlor, Face Painting & Photo Booth. We had snow cones, popcorn, hot dogs, fruit/whipped cream cups & of course cake! Favorite gifts included anything Barbie, "Look-alike" dolls from American Girl, craft supplies/kits, cash registers that 'really' count and games! Thanks to those who helped and celebrated!

 Maybe in my next life I'll bake instead of blog :-)

Lilly is the sweetest most grateful little girl (most of the time) she came up to me half way through the party to thank me and tell me she was having the best day ever!

Addy & her two FAVORITE people--Grandma Linda & Grandma Jody!

Jacob & Jack being goofy in the photo booth

 The Harden's make it look easy!

Our favorite Trio: Livvy, Maddy & Harry

Always the life of the party!

*Most* of the kiddo's posed for a pic

A little Daddy orchestrated Red Rover rounded out the night!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Fun

 Our summer has been filled with Vacation Bible School, Back to Nature Camp, "Let's Get Messy Camp" and lots of swimming! The girls love the water-pool, lake, sprinklers, splash parks, etc., they can't seem to get enough. We've stayed enrolled in swim lessons through the summer and they have exceeded my expectations! Last week, they even took the YMCA's 'deep end' swim test so they can go down the slide into the deep end. They needed to do one length of the pool without floaties and they did it. They were so proud of themselves and then did the slide non-stop for the rest of the afternoon. Aunt Cat visited from DC and spent some quality time with them--movies, shopping, swimming and lots of 'play' time!

We made a big purchase a couple weeks back and are now a mini-van family. We love our new Sienna and the girls can't get enough of the 'magic' doors and all the bells & whistles that come with a brand-new car. We are busy planning our first big road trip as we will head to Disney this fall.

Kindergarten will begin in just under a month and we have Daddy's birthday on the horizon and A & L's 5th birthday after that. We'll celebrate with a 'carnival' themed party at home this year! Enjoy pictures below from our lake trip with Aunt Cat, Aunt Maggie & Uncle Jon! Thanks for making the trip Aunt Cat--we miss you already!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Sayings....

Summer is well underway for us and I just want time to FREEZE for a bit. I know August will come quick and these days, for the most part, are pretty darn fun! I'm working when they are at camp(s) and hanging with Grandma Linda & Grandma Jody, so the pressure of school drop-off, pick-up, etc. has been lifted for now. We wrapped up the soccer season after Jeremy & I both felt they were finally getting the hang of the game. We have them in 'serious' swim lessons with the hope of seeing some progress this summer. We've already done an Indians (Baseball) Game and a rafting trip at Turkey Run State Park, we had our friends visit from Kansas for a couple days too. The lake visits will be frequent and we all sleep well at night! Here are some of my favorite quotes of the last couple weeks.

Lilly yesterday, dropping off at camp, asked 100 questions from where they could go to the bathroom to what they would have for lunch. When I said my good-byes, I crouched down and asked if she had any other questions. "Yes, I have one...are we going to live here?"

After the baseball game and meeting the mascot, Addy began analyzing characters again (never been a big fan, but her fear is easing). "Mama, I'm not scared of those characters anymore so we can go to Disney where all the characters live now." Me-"That's good babe, what makes you not scared anymore, was it Rowdy?" "No, I just know they aren't real, cause when you look down, they have people feet."

Dad was tickling Addy before bed, and she turned around with a VERY serious face. "Dad if you do that one more time, you won't be able to tuck me in bed tonight."

Lilly after I came downstairs, ready to head out to a friend's wedding, "Mommy, you look so beautiful, like Ariel, you know, without the mermaid parts."

Over breakfast after Daddy left for a Bachelor Party (Lilly) "If daddy is going to a party for Mr. Kevin, why can't we go?" "Well, when there is a wedding, sometimes the boys just get together for a boy party, it's called a bachelor party, but don't worry, we'll have our own girl party here." "Only boys for a party, what do they do? Just get together and be stinky?" Yup.

"If daddy is going to a party for Mr. Kevin, why can't we go?" "Well, when there is a wedding, sometimes the boys just get together for a boy party, it's called a bachelor party, but don't worry, we'll have our own girl party here." "Only boys for a party, what do they do? Just get together and be stinky?" Yup.

After "helping" dad garden, I get girls bathed. Post-bath, I tell Addy to go get her panties on....'ugh, I don't get it, why do I have to wear them EVERY day?"
Picked the girls up from pre-school today, Addy to the Director "We only have three more days of school here until summer vacation." Lilly corrected her, "Sissy, it's not vacation, it's LAKE SEASON!."

At Butler, with our friends and a fellow alumna, I ask Lilly if she'd like to go to school there, her response. "I'll go here if you want to come too." (melt!)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Preschool Graduation, Spring 2012

Last week, the girls graduated from the pre-school they have ADORED for 2 years. We were lucky enough to be one of the inaugural families at a center when it opened and the teachers & staff have treated our family like family since our arrival. It was such a fun event, the girls were SO proud, worked hard memorizing the songs they did and LOVED that both their grandmas were there to watch. This means we are off to Kindergarten in the fall, with mixed emotions. They will be two of the youngest in their class and we debated holding them off for another year, but in my heart, I think they are ready. One is more ready than the other, so we'll see how they do! August 15th will come quick, so we have big plans for the summer, trying to soak in as much time as I can with them and just enjoying being together.

Family Photo at Graduation!

Addy avoiding a real smile for the camera!

Lilly LOVES being in the spotlight!
Proud Grandma Jody

Proud Grandma Linda
Their teacher, Mrs. E.

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Time to Shine

We had the girls' dance recital a few weeks ago and I'm still waiting on the 'professional' video, so I didn't take any video of the day. I did however, remember to record one of their last class sessions. One of the things I LOVE about the studio they take classes at, is that the instructor gives each child a time to shine in her own way. This is illustrated by their 'spotlight' dance at the end of each class. She lets them dance, for as long as they want, all by themselves, while everyone else cheers them on. She ends the dance with a big hug from her and a big hug from mom! Too cute!