Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sneak Peek...

Have I mentioned that it's recital week at our house? Yes--Addy & Lilly (and their dance class friend above) will have their dancing debut on Sunday! Pictures and video to come next week! Sure to be hilarious!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Just got back from running errands with A & L and here's a bit of what we "talked" about in the car. Typically, I don't talk, I just listen, as I can rarely get a word in...

L: Mom, member when we went to the barn with Ga Ga Jody?
A: And saw cows and chickens, but no piggies. Mommy no like snakes.
L. Cows make our milk. Mommy do you like milk?
A. Addy like milk and Uncle Joe likes milk and daddy's like beer.
L. There's a digger...there's a digger...THERE'S A DIGGER!
A. We see diggers at the childens museeeeummm. We see Big Bird and Bob the Builder and Barbie and dinosaurs and and and and we eat grapes. (sidenote: we haven't been to the museum in over a month)
L. TWINKLE,TWINKLE, LITTLE STAR (the entire song at the top of her lungs)
A. ABCDEFGHIJK (the entire song at the top of her lungs simultaneously)
L. Mommy, I no tired, I no need a nap at home, I take a nap when I 3 in August, okkkkkk?
A. I got potty on the big girl potty when I 3, okkkkkk?

Whatever you say, girls, whatever you say....
Ga Ga Jody & her girls at "The barn", otherwise known as Trader's Point Creamery
My dear friend, Megan, entertained my girls for a while last week, complete with a "Princess Party" and dressing up Baby Henry. This poor boy has no idea what is in store for him with these 3 ladies running the show!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Park Date

We recently hit a local park with our favorite younger men: Chase & Cooper from the Edmund "Sons" . These boys are a year younger than A & L, but the girls had a blast showing them how to navigate one of their favorite parks.

Lilly: "Slides, I love slides, you guys like slides?

Addy: "I no go on that big slide, big kids go on that big slide, I go on the red slide, boys go on the baby slide."

They kept calling them "that boy", Lilly would say, "Where did that boy go?" or "What's that boy called." I think she figured if I couldn't keep them straight, I couldn't expect her to either!

No more baby swings for these guys-Addy was thrilled to "push" the boys and you can tell they were loving it. "Higher, go higher" was all Lilly chanted.

"You stick with us boys and we'll show you how it's done!"

Friday, April 16, 2010

ABC's Backwards

Lilly has been known to sing anywhere at the highest decibal level possible. She really doesn't care if we are at the library, church or simply around our dinner table with Jeremy and I trying to have a conversation. The latter was the case a couple nights ago. She started belting the ABC's and frustrated that Jeremy couldn't talk, he said "Hey Lilly why don't you sing them backwards." Thinking she'd be stumped for sure. She didn't miss a beat and did the trick Addy is re-enacting below. We couldn't get the camera out fast enough and then we laughed so hard, Addy thought she should do it too!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

School Days

A & L have loved their school programs this year. They are enrolled 2 mornings a week and always come home telling tales of the adventures they had that day. It's nice too, because they are the oldest kids in one of the programs and the youngest in the other, so they've learned to socialize on both ends of the spectrum. Their teachers are always complimentary about their manners, their intellect,their ability to play with other kids and look out for each other. I often wish I could observe them in this atmosphere as they sound like much better behaved kids there than they are at home! Their school pictures from last year can be seen here, and the dramatically different pictures from this year are below:

What a difference a year makes!

Lilly--always ready to cheese the camera!

Addy-she plays shy, but isn't at all!

One of their teachers snapped this shot for me--sisterly love at it's best...

Addy, at the head of the class, LOVES to paint and always has so much to tell me about on days when they do this.

Lilly in the middle of the table here, next to Addy, is a bit more skeptical about getting dirty with paints, but always loves to show off a finished creation.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Licking the war wounds, but still bleeding blue...

It has been a crazy ride, following my Butler Bulldogs to the Final Four in our home city. The trip downtown and to the game was absolutely amazing. A "Bucket list" item as far as Jeremy is concerned. My favorite article from the weekend appears here and will more than likely be the one we frame with our tickets in the basement! Here are a few favorite pictures.

Addy & Lilly got their wear out of these shirts for sure! The morning of the final game, I put them on and Addy said, "Bulldogs again!" I told her it was a big game day. Four hours later at the post office, the clerk remarked on her Bulldog tee, she looked up, smiled and said "Big Game Day, Big Game Day!"

Two true Hoosiers converted--my brother, Jonathan & Jeremy pre-game at Slippery Noodle

Our view from the seats, I could barely make out the ball and watched most of the game on the jumbo-tron, but didn't even care, being in the stadium was enough!

Celebrating with old friends pre-game after walking across downtown in a downpour...

Family picture!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Addy, Grandma Linda, Grandpa Ian & Lilly before heading to church

Buried in chocolate eggs, feeling full from over-indulging at brunch and overwhelmed by generous gifts from family, we are trying to remember who we celebrate this Easter! It certainly isn't the now famous Butler Bulldog (we'll go back to celebrating him tomorrow) and it isn't that white bunny that makes Addy cry. I love that Easter begins the Spring season and with the sun shining brightly today, we will continue to pass God's message on to our kiddos--as Addy told Father Mike this morning "Jesus has risen!" Happy Easter! Now, back to snagging candy from their baskets while they are napping. Enjoy the pictures.

A & L checking out the loot after an egg hunt in the backyard

Addy peaceful in church (this lasted atleast a couple minutes)

"I found another egg!"--Lilly, snagging an egg at church before brunch

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A few of our favorite peeps....

A & L have quite the social circle, with lots of admirers. They are most happy when they have company to hang with, regardless of age. They truly have never met a stranger. They have begun to articulate their love for folks more and more. After leaving the zoo last week, Addy proclaimed "I LOVE Jacob." I said, "I love Jacob, too" and was then told that mommy couldn't love Jacob as much as mommy loves Addy. I swear the stuff that is coming out of their mouths' is a total riot.

Lilly, Jacob & Addy catching rides while checking out the animals at the zoo

Addy, trying to go in for the hand-hold and Jacob trying to resist her charm

Daddy & his friend, Scott, built bunk-beds for the girls at Grandma & Grandpa's lakehouse--it may be a while before anyone sleeps up top, but the girls think it's awesome! Thanks Mr. Scott & Ms. Laura--the girls have been talking about you all week!
Neighbors, Jake & Scotland, came over for movie night a few weeks ago, the girls were in heaven...friends + popcorn + staying up past bedtime=bliss
Hanging with Mallory before bedtime one evening
Chloe, a friend from our twins group, came over for a playdate and was "watching Lilly" in the basement while everyone else played upstairs. They arose from the basement, with Lilly wearing EVERYTHING from the dress-up box. I love this picture because of the pride on Cloe's face in the background--priceless!

And lastly, our favorite peep this week, is Butler Blue. Have I mentioned I'm a grad and we are headed to the Final Four in MY city??? We couldn't be more excited and the girls LOVE seeing this guy on TV. They don't love dogs in real life, but this one is a favorite, for sure.

Go Bulldogs!