Tuesday, April 13, 2010

School Days

A & L have loved their school programs this year. They are enrolled 2 mornings a week and always come home telling tales of the adventures they had that day. It's nice too, because they are the oldest kids in one of the programs and the youngest in the other, so they've learned to socialize on both ends of the spectrum. Their teachers are always complimentary about their manners, their intellect,their ability to play with other kids and look out for each other. I often wish I could observe them in this atmosphere as they sound like much better behaved kids there than they are at home! Their school pictures from last year can be seen here, and the dramatically different pictures from this year are below:

What a difference a year makes!

Lilly--always ready to cheese the camera!

Addy-she plays shy, but isn't at all!

One of their teachers snapped this shot for me--sisterly love at it's best...

Addy, at the head of the class, LOVES to paint and always has so much to tell me about on days when they do this.

Lilly in the middle of the table here, next to Addy, is a bit more skeptical about getting dirty with paints, but always loves to show off a finished creation.


Andrea said...

So sweet!

BandBbaby said...

Wow Aimee what a difference a year makes! I saw you walking the girls on Monday a Olio and 116th that stroller looks like it is getting heavier, heavier!!

Aimee said...

Brooke--so true! I actually upgraded as they tipped the weight limit on our first double jogger--so the one I was pushing Monday was a breeze compared to the one I just retired!