Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Addy, Grandma Linda, Grandpa Ian & Lilly before heading to church

Buried in chocolate eggs, feeling full from over-indulging at brunch and overwhelmed by generous gifts from family, we are trying to remember who we celebrate this Easter! It certainly isn't the now famous Butler Bulldog (we'll go back to celebrating him tomorrow) and it isn't that white bunny that makes Addy cry. I love that Easter begins the Spring season and with the sun shining brightly today, we will continue to pass God's message on to our kiddos--as Addy told Father Mike this morning "Jesus has risen!" Happy Easter! Now, back to snagging candy from their baskets while they are napping. Enjoy the pictures.

A & L checking out the loot after an egg hunt in the backyard

Addy peaceful in church (this lasted atleast a couple minutes)

"I found another egg!"--Lilly, snagging an egg at church before brunch


Catherine said...

I love your outfits girls! You look fab as usual! Happy Easter - looking for eggs is the best part:)

Jeremy - I saw that Butler is on a winning streak. I think more so than your precious Colts. I think that probably means that the Sadler family might be better at picking sports teams than the Ash family.

Just a thought.