Monday, April 26, 2010


Just got back from running errands with A & L and here's a bit of what we "talked" about in the car. Typically, I don't talk, I just listen, as I can rarely get a word in...

L: Mom, member when we went to the barn with Ga Ga Jody?
A: And saw cows and chickens, but no piggies. Mommy no like snakes.
L. Cows make our milk. Mommy do you like milk?
A. Addy like milk and Uncle Joe likes milk and daddy's like beer.
L. There's a digger...there's a digger...THERE'S A DIGGER!
A. We see diggers at the childens museeeeummm. We see Big Bird and Bob the Builder and Barbie and dinosaurs and and and and we eat grapes. (sidenote: we haven't been to the museum in over a month)
L. TWINKLE,TWINKLE, LITTLE STAR (the entire song at the top of her lungs)
A. ABCDEFGHIJK (the entire song at the top of her lungs simultaneously)
L. Mommy, I no tired, I no need a nap at home, I take a nap when I 3 in August, okkkkkk?
A. I got potty on the big girl potty when I 3, okkkkkk?

Whatever you say, girls, whatever you say....
Ga Ga Jody & her girls at "The barn", otherwise known as Trader's Point Creamery
My dear friend, Megan, entertained my girls for a while last week, complete with a "Princess Party" and dressing up Baby Henry. This poor boy has no idea what is in store for him with these 3 ladies running the show!


Molly said...

I simply adore their conversation. Makes me grin. How freakin' funny! ...and who wouldn't love a random princess party on a Monday afternoon?

Kristina said...

Hilarious! I love when you post these conversations!!!I can just see your face while they're both singing their the same time! :)

Jillian said...

so cute! love the picture with Jody.