Monday, April 19, 2010

Park Date

We recently hit a local park with our favorite younger men: Chase & Cooper from the Edmund "Sons" . These boys are a year younger than A & L, but the girls had a blast showing them how to navigate one of their favorite parks.

Lilly: "Slides, I love slides, you guys like slides?

Addy: "I no go on that big slide, big kids go on that big slide, I go on the red slide, boys go on the baby slide."

They kept calling them "that boy", Lilly would say, "Where did that boy go?" or "What's that boy called." I think she figured if I couldn't keep them straight, I couldn't expect her to either!

No more baby swings for these guys-Addy was thrilled to "push" the boys and you can tell they were loving it. "Higher, go higher" was all Lilly chanted.

"You stick with us boys and we'll show you how it's done!"


Lauren said...

So cute Aimee! Love the pictures. Tell your girls that "those boys" had so much fun and would love to do it again, or have them over to play on our playground!

Molly said...