Friday, April 16, 2010

ABC's Backwards

Lilly has been known to sing anywhere at the highest decibal level possible. She really doesn't care if we are at the library, church or simply around our dinner table with Jeremy and I trying to have a conversation. The latter was the case a couple nights ago. She started belting the ABC's and frustrated that Jeremy couldn't talk, he said "Hey Lilly why don't you sing them backwards." Thinking she'd be stumped for sure. She didn't miss a beat and did the trick Addy is re-enacting below. We couldn't get the camera out fast enough and then we laughed so hard, Addy thought she should do it too!


Teague said...

Hilarious! I can just picture this whole scene unfolding. Don't try to stump these girls, they are too smart for that.

Just caught up on the past few posts, such great pictures! I cannot believe how different they look compared to their school pictures last year.


Kristina said...

That is too clever!!!!