Thursday, April 1, 2010

A few of our favorite peeps....

A & L have quite the social circle, with lots of admirers. They are most happy when they have company to hang with, regardless of age. They truly have never met a stranger. They have begun to articulate their love for folks more and more. After leaving the zoo last week, Addy proclaimed "I LOVE Jacob." I said, "I love Jacob, too" and was then told that mommy couldn't love Jacob as much as mommy loves Addy. I swear the stuff that is coming out of their mouths' is a total riot.

Lilly, Jacob & Addy catching rides while checking out the animals at the zoo

Addy, trying to go in for the hand-hold and Jacob trying to resist her charm

Daddy & his friend, Scott, built bunk-beds for the girls at Grandma & Grandpa's lakehouse--it may be a while before anyone sleeps up top, but the girls think it's awesome! Thanks Mr. Scott & Ms. Laura--the girls have been talking about you all week!
Neighbors, Jake & Scotland, came over for movie night a few weeks ago, the girls were in heaven...friends + popcorn + staying up past bedtime=bliss
Hanging with Mallory before bedtime one evening
Chloe, a friend from our twins group, came over for a playdate and was "watching Lilly" in the basement while everyone else played upstairs. They arose from the basement, with Lilly wearing EVERYTHING from the dress-up box. I love this picture because of the pride on Cloe's face in the background--priceless!

And lastly, our favorite peep this week, is Butler Blue. Have I mentioned I'm a grad and we are headed to the Final Four in MY city??? We couldn't be more excited and the girls LOVE seeing this guy on TV. They don't love dogs in real life, but this one is a favorite, for sure.

Go Bulldogs!


Catherine said...

Girls - awesome bunkbeds! Jeremy - I got your text - I was actually not trying to buy your love - I was trying to buy Addy & Lilly's love with the Easter Cookie Bouquet. Happy Easter girls! I miss you so much.