Sunday, March 15, 2009

19 months and LOTS of pictures!

The girls passed their 19 month mark last week, still not feeling 100% and still experiencing some serious snot, but after numerous doctor visits, the ear infections have cleared and we aren't infectious, so that is good. I want to try and get them back in their routine. We went to school Friday and got back school pictures that were taken a couple weeks ago (these are pictures of pictures, so forgive the quality, but I couldn't resist). Here is my happy-go-lucky Addy.......and my "I'm not smiling for a million bucks, have I told you about my ear infections Lilly...."

Unfortunately she looks more like the Mona Lisa than she does my kid, but chock it up for another funny memory! We've had Grandma & Grandpa Sadler here, so they've been spoiled all weekend, with new spring clothes and new "big-kid" chairs!

"Can't a girl have her bedtime snack and watch Elmo in peace?"--Addy

"Bedtime--who said anything about bedtime?"--Lilly

My good friend Jamie watched them on Thursday while I went to a lunch for work. She learned all about separation anxiety issues of a 19 month old! Here's a picture after my return...Thanks for your patience Jamie!

If you notice Lilly's cheek, we had an incident with a broken glass--we are lucky it wasn't worse and Daddy swears he'll foot the plastic surgeon bill if it leaves a scar!

Lastly, Addy and my dad share a special bond and have for a while. She adores when they are visiting and has needed some TLC this weekend as much of my time over the last few weeks has gone to Lilly. Here's a favorite picture of mine....


Brooke said...

We are so glad the ear infections are all cleared up! The pictures are adorable if smiling or not! Love ya!

Christina said...

Oh my gosh, that picture of Addy and your dad at the end is just too precious for words. I'm glad everyone is feeling better. Lilly's school picture is awesome! I think when she turns 16 you should put it on her birthday cake. ;)

mamalouise said...

Those "school" pictures are HILARIOUS! I love them!! I agree with Christina that Lillly's should be on her 16th birthday cake!

Catherine said...

Girls - I love your new chairs - very fancy:) Addy - you look fab in your school picture! Lilly - where is your huge smile???? You look awfully perturbed. I absolutely adore skyping with you guys - you have gotten so big since Christmas! I will be seeing you in less than a month - I cannot wait!