Sunday, March 8, 2009

18 month catch-up

Our poor Lilly continues to battle her ear infections. At this point, we think her little body has built up a resistance to the antibiotics, so we are now on day 14, 2 different antibiotic rounds and still no better. She was up most of the night last night and has a breakdown if I so much as think about leaving the room. Today was a rough day around here. We are going to see an ENT pediatric doctor with the hopes of getting her tubes. So, with nothing fun to report, I thought I'd do a catch-up blog....

I never posted their 18 month stats, which is surprising since we've been going to the doctor so frequently, but I'll post since this is the only place I record these types of things.
Lilly---27 lbs (81st percentile), 33 inches long (80th percentile) and 49 head circumfrance (96th percentile). She continues to be our little diva, LOVES being read to and dancing around the house to any kind of music.
Addy--25 1/2 lbs (64th percentile), 33 inches long (80th-same as her sister) and 50 head circumfrance (98th percentile). Making us laugh daily with her "problem solving skill-building", she takes apart and puts back together all kinds of things, stacks blocks taller than she is and is overly patient with her cranky sister when she's sick (lots of hugs/lots of kisses).

Back in February, Jeremy moved their Sand and Water table into our basement and filled it with rice. It's been a good source of entertainment to get us through the winter. Here's a video Jeremy took a while back, but I never posted...

Seriously, Addy?


Catherine said...

Good work Addy! Seriously you are a little worker bee. A - I heard about Lil's shot:( I am so worried about that little munchkin. Ear infections are atrocious. I am sure the polyester of the Colts jerseys close to her ears are not helping things, Jeremy.

Lisa Morse said...

Hey Aimee,
your blog is so cute and the girls are just amazing. I can't believe how fast they are growing.

I wanted to see if you heard anything about the ear tubes? Nathan is on his second set and has had no ear infections since we put them in(Nov. 2007). It's been a lifesaver considering that ear infections (and a build up against antiboitics) can lead to hearing loss. Nathan had 30% hearing loss due to ear infections, but now has none due to the tubes.

Sorry this is such a long comment. E-mail me back. Happy belated Anniversary!