Monday, April 25, 2011

Are you there Spring?

This is normally my favorite time of year--the green grass, getting outside again and Easter--I love it all! This year, we keep getting teaser days where we play hard outside, only to have another round of rain and we are back inside for's the pits! Couple that with what seems to be never-ending rounds of feeling crummy, but not crummy enough to get on any good meds and I'm in a bit of a funk. We did manage to have a wonderful Easter--celebrated with 4 generations a fact that still amazes me when it happens. The bunny left the girls a scavenger hunt to lead them to a MONSTER basket of goodies and they loved the never-ending treats over the course of the day. They did another egg hunt at a local country club, but once they gathered a few told me that they would 'leave the rest for the other kids'. A thoughtful gesture illustrating just how quickly they are growing up!

As for the rest of Spring, this week brings us another recital, so we will hope to avoid any incidents similar to last year.We are also gardening for the first time, so I'll blog about that as we progress through the season. Lastly, we will be attending a princess party to watch the Royal Wedding this week! Lots to do, but must get healthy first!


Addy, looking so grown up!


Outside of church--she kept checking herself out in all the mirrors we saw that day! I think she liked the princess look!

Sneaking some jelly beans in at church

Daddy & Addy

Hugs on Easter!


QuatroMama said...

So ridiculously adorable! =)

Brooke said...

Cute. L.O.V.E the dresses ... share the secret store please!

Aimee said...

@Brooke--no secret store here--when Daddy asked Lilly on Sunday, she told him loud and proud--Nordstrom. I'm pretty sure he's cut up my credit card for this reason :-)

Anonymous said...

They were adorable on Sunday--only time we saw any sign of tears was when the Easter bunny got close to Addy who went from being very brave to extremely scared in a couple of seconds!! Lilly having eaten a good brunch polished off a cream covered cupcake then said how good the french toast had been and could she have another helping which she promptly demolished!!!! Is she her fathers daughter or what?? This must go down as one of the most fun Easters ever as the girls grow up and get more and more into the event.
gaGa Ian