Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bulldog Recruits: Class of 2029

I couldn't make the trek to Houston to cheer on my Alma mater as they win a national championship, so we did the next best thing. We headed down to the Women's Final Four in Indianapolis for the free family events they hosted. The girls had a blast and we added another reason we love living in Indy to our growing list! Here's the Top 10 reasons Addy & Lilly may be great recruits for the Lady Bulldogs: Class of 2029:

10. If there isn't chocolate or bacon involved, they share well and are good team players.

9. They are well-rounded athletes--first attempt at lacrosse and Addy got it in the net!

8. Lilly is currently ambidextrous. She writes left, dribbles right, swings a golf club left and throws a ball right...that takes talent folks.

7. If they get injured, they can always fall back on that top-of-the-line degree and go into broadcasting.

6. They are learning the "Butler Way" early in their lives and passion & dedication shows--check out that concentration!

5. They show tremendous respect for coaches.

4. Their blue eyes sparkle when wearing the school colors.

3. They are currently wearing size 11 shoes for toddlers--last average I heard was an 8. That could say something about their height.

2. They already know the fight song.

1. They'd be close enough to come home for family dinners :-)

Let's Go Dawgs!


Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love! Smart! Athletic! Creative! Social! Soooo Cute! Could we be any luckier? They do look great in blue but that cream and crimson isn't too shabby either. (at least if we're not talkin about bball this year, but back in the day.....) I know, I'm not suppose to be livin in the past.
GaGa Jody

Jen said...

Great post, Aimee! I'd recruit them...if only I was in a recruiting position. ;-)