Sunday, March 27, 2011

Final Four (again)

We love Butler Basketball. My little legacies have been pointing out butler license plates on cars since they started talking. Last year, the bracket picks based on mascots was fun, but neither won in the end. This year, Addy lost early, picking the Orangemen while Lilly is the current leader of Jeremy's 85 person pool at work. Our team also has Aunt Cat's law firm in Washington very impressed as our love for the Bulldogs has that anti-sports fan leading their pool. We'll cheer them on next weekend, teaching my girls that good guys win out in the end. Go Bulldogs!


Anonymous said...

83 total entries and my NCAA tourney office pool scenarios look like this:
KY beats VCU = Lilly 1st
VCU beats KY = Lilly 1st
KY beats Butler = Lilly 1st, Aimee 2nd
Butler beats KY = Aimee 1st, Lilly 2nd
UConn beats VCU = Lilly 2nd
VCU beats UConn = Lilly 1st
UConn beats Butler = Lilly 2nd
Butler beats UConn = Aimee 1st, Lilly 2nd

Lilly made all picks based on mascots! WOW!


Jon said...

That is amazing. How much will you guys win and what will Lilly buy?