Friday, March 4, 2011

She said what?

A & L with their American Girl twins--can we say obsessed???

My mother-in-law told me last week that this is the most honest age the girls will ever be. They have no fear to say exactly what they are thinking and also don't have the radar to know what is socially acceptable or unacceptable at this age either. It makes for some interesting conversations.

After leaving a gymnastics open gym with our favorite 2 year-old triplets...

A: "Man, I love those three kids."

After a TON of rain in the midwest, our favorite park was underwater, we drove by it and from the car...

L: "Mom, I didn't know there was a pond there."


As I was coaxing to eat her fruits and vegetables...

A: "If I don't eat anything that makes me big and strong, will I stay 3 forever?"


After leaving a bookstore event for Dr. Suess's birthday on Saturday...

L: "That wasn't much of a birthday party--where was Dr. Suess and why didn't we get cake?"


Laying in bed, Addy asked me to listen to her hearts.

Mom: "Babe, you only have one heart, it's right here."

A: "No, I have two hearts so I can love you with one whole one and love daddy with the other."



Jillian said...

Adorable, and clever. I can't believe how grown up they look in the waterpark pictures. Glad the trip went so well!

Anonymous said...

I was a witness to Addy's heart comment and it was amazing. -Dad

Jon said...

Addy and Lilly you are such amazing little girls!!! Addy, way to make mommy and daddy cry for joy with your comment. Love you lil ladies!