Monday, March 14, 2011

Princesses Prevail

L: "Addy, come play dress-up with me."
A: "K-I'll be a princess monkey."
L: "You can't be a princess monkey, you have to be a princess princess."
A: "I can be a princess monkey, my name will be monkey and I'll be a princess"
L: (Always much more linear than Addy) "Fine, but if you are princess monkey, I'll be princess elephant so I can be in charge, cause I'm the biggest."

We've officially entered princess territory around here, spending more time in princess dresses this past weekend than anything else. We even went to lunch sporting our princess dresses and Addy in bunny ears. Sure, we got some sympathetic looks from moms who have been there. It wasn't one of my proudest moments as a mom, but certainly not my least either. They were well-behaved princesses.


Jenny said...


Yeah, if that was your worst mom moment you'd be the LUCKIEST! :)

Thanks for your sweet comment, I've been a bit down lately and not feeling like writing, decided to avoid all that and just do some documenting about my beautiful boy.

Hopefully the sun and daylight will turn my frown upside down. :) HELLO. SUN? Where are YOU!!!!

Kids slept to 7:30 this morning. Who-HOOO!!!!