Friday, March 4, 2011


So, this is what they meant when they said it got easier. The tantrums haven't ended, the "I do it" phase remains in full swing and they know EXACTLY how to push each others buttons and mine, so I wouldn't ever say it's easy....but, it was easier to wrap my brain around traveling with them. It was easier to have them sleepover at my girlfriend's house with us and not worry about all the hassle of pack and plays and packing food. It was easier to take them to a waterpark, stay in a hotel, travel for longer than 2 hours in the car....all of that was easier and we are so thankful!

We headed to Great Wolf Lodge in Ohio last weekend for a mid-winter family getaway. They were the perfect age to do it. They understood that it was a special adventure, they got to skip on a nap, stay up past their bedtime and enjoy every minute of their time with us! The big slides are over 3 stories tall and they were troopers climbing those stairs again and again and again. They LOVED the wave pool and the 'pre-school' slides pictured below were a hit too. Can't wait for next year!

Daddy & his little fish
Addy-totally fearless with mommy by her side!
Lilly waiting for the waves to turn on in the wave pool--this was her favorite I think!
Lilly is quick to tell you this 'orange' slide was her favorite and the 'family' raft ride!
Where's Addy?

Check out the same crooked smile in this pic--like "take the shot and get out of our face mom!"


A.C. Ford said...

Seriously. These girls are just the CUTEST. Weird to think I've been reading about them here since before they were born, and now they're like REAL people.


Aimee said...

Yes, Ashley--you are a card carrying member of the Addy & Lilly fan club and we appreciate your support :-)