Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tournament Time

Breakfast the other morning, consisted of daddy & daughters, completing their brackets. Jeremy had converted the brackets and figured out all the mascots, then Addy & Lilly based their pics on the mascots of choice. Now, I'm not sure I'd throw down in Vegas on their picks, but we'll see how they do. Addy's a girl after her mama's heart, and took the Butler Bulldogs to the end, while Lilly chose the Kansas State Wildcats. Loving some March Madness!


Catherine said...

This video pains me.

I am taking Addy and Lilly shopping and forcing Jeremy to watch it on an endless loop.

Kindra Lang said...

That is hilarious!!! Love it!

Jillian said...

Ingenius! I love it. I sure hope they didn't pick the Richmond Spiders in the first round, what a horrible mascot.

mamalouise said...

Glad you are teaching them the art of gambling early. It will totally help them out financially when they just have to have that new pair of shoes later in life! JUST KIDDING! This was adorable!

Kristina said...

I couldn't get the video, but absolutely LOVE the idea of the mascot bracket...I would do that in a heartbeat too, just for fun! Nice thinkin' Jeremy! Miss you guys dearly!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aimee and I actually made picks. Addy and Lilly picked thier favorite mascots. This makes me sick.

Through 27 Games:
Addy 20 - 7
Lilly 18 - 9
Aimee 17 - 10
Jeremy 16 -11

Addy picked these upsets Cornell, Ohio, Murray St. Missouri, G. Tech.

Lilly picked these upsets Washington, Old Dominion, Murray St., Ohio, and N. Iowa.

Real funny to see both my daughters pick OHIO and I had Georgetown (who lost to OHIO) win the entire tourney in my bracket.

Have I told all of you that we are raising two of the smartest women in the world?

Jenny said...

My husband loves this so much he wants to set it up for the second round!!! He better get to work!

So great! My Griz lost last night but Lawrence's Buckeyes move on

Kristina said...

Finally got to see the video...It's hilarious!!! I've watched it a few times 'cuz it's sooo darn cute!

Jenny said...

We are rooting for your Bulldogs with Addy!