Monday, March 8, 2010

Lazy Weekend/WineThyme Update

We had a great weekend, hanging out with Daddy and getting some things done around the house. We hit up the Children's Museum/Big Bird Planetarium show that the girls LOVED, played outside a bit and hung out with Grandma & Grandpa Ash.

As most of my friends, aka "readers" know, the hearing for WineThyme is this Friday. They want to show as much support as they can when speaking to the commission. Please sign up to support their petition on their website: Even out-of-towners can sign up! It simply illustrates the support of their vision and small business. The full story is here.

And yes, we rock the Christmas pajamas until they don't fit any more, you may still be seeing them around 4th of July.


Catherine said...

Jeremy - WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? Why do you hate me so much? Why must every item of clothing be flammable? Do you think at any point in time the color of your pants existed in nature?

I need to flush my eyes with bleach.

Anonymous said...

I love these pics! Just hangin' kind of weekend. GaGa Jody

Jenny said...

Ha! We do that too with Xmas PJs! :) Christmas/Winter/Whatever... :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Cat. With that said I love my clothing style and YOU won't change that!