Wednesday, September 9, 2009

7 Blogs in 7 Days....Day 2

I wrote about Addy & Lilly's flower girl debut here, so I'll hold back on writing again how cute the girls were, how well the gummi bears worked for bribery, and how lucky we were to be a part of this special day (shoot....I did it again!) But I had to share some of the pictures that have been shared since my first post. Enjoy the pictures....

Addy & Lilly hanging out with the bride & groom (Mike & Heather)
Daddy and his princess Addy

Lilly, showing our gummi bear trick to all who could see...

The girls and some of the men who love them!

(R-L: Daddy Jeremy, Groom Mike, Uncle Chris & Uncle Joe)


Lilly dancing with Grandma Linda


Catherine said...

I do love all the pictures of the girls in the flower girl dresses:) They look adorable! I am not sure there is not much those two would not do for gummi bears! Solid work keeping up with the seven days of blogging:) Five more to go!

Kristina said...

Keep up the blogging Aimee! I'm loving the pictures of the girls from summer. Their flower girl dresses were beautiful and so were they!!!
Miss you, love you!
p.s....someone has a birthday coming soon.....!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great blog.... Our girls were amazing on this day and the pictures of them are awesome. Keep up the blogging. Love...J

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! These pics take my breath away. The girls are too cute and those boys certainly clean up pretty well! So handsome! I am proud to say I am related!!
Aunt Cat, I agree with you. Photography is not one of my talents!!I might take it up in retirement. Keep bloggin' Aimee! It's always the highlight of my day. Gaga Jody

Jenny said...

You've inspired me, I'm determined to catch up on the summer with my own Lily and Addie blog with 7 blogs in 7 days. Thanks for the idea and hope you don't mind if I copy cat your brillance. I'm encouraging all my fellow slacker mama bloggers to do the same so I can catch up on their summers too!