Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday Week (end?)

I turned 30 on Saturday and welcomed the birthday as I typically do, because I LOVE birthdays (especially my own). Any reason to celebrate, be selfish, spend time with friend, be selfish, etc.

So, in true selfish fashion, I passed on my hubby's company summer picnic and opted for a massage and a bit of shopping instead. He called in some reinforcements to entertain the girls and they had a blast!

"Happy bithday MAMA, Hapy bithday to ewwwww!"
What's a picnic without some balloon art?

(taken with daddy's blackberry, so a bit blurry :-)

Addy comparing her tattoo with one of daddy's co-workers....
We LOVE Daddy day!

I'll blog a bit later about my adult happenings to bring in my 30th year, but the BEST gift? Addy gave the potty a little visit on my birthday morning and actually went! I'm going to try and refrain from blogging about our (potty training) PT fiascos as I'm probably more nervous about entering this territory than I have been about anything else! But I had to mark the occasion and comment on the irony that it happened on my birthday! So, ready or not mama, potty-training here we come! (Please send me happy, PATIENT thoughts).


Anonymous said...

Way to go Addy on the potty and I am sure your sissy will not be far behind you !!!! It is difficult to believe that Aimee is 30 but with two cuties like A&L I guess it is not surprising to anyone except her parents. The blogs are wonderful and provide constant entertainment--i do think Jeremy deserves a heroes medal for taking the two of them to a picnic by himself.
GaGa ian

Tony & Jaimie said...

Happy Birthday Aimee! Sounds like you had a wonderful day :)


Catherine said...

Gorgeous pictures Aimee:) I like your tattoo Addy and your Elmo hat Lilly! Hope you had a fabulous birthday:) Let's stop using the word thirty though - so unnecessary. Great job using the potty Addy!