Thursday, September 10, 2009

7 Blogs in 7 Days...Day 3

I don't even remember when the Indiana State Fair was, but these pics got lost on my camera memory card, not downloaded for weeks, so here we are! Keep in mind, I'm not really a fair person, so this was out of my element and I only visited the swine barn, horse barn and sheep barn armed with enough Purell to keep my girls germ free for the rest of their lives. The girls had a blast, they love visiting new places and seeing all the animals.

"I'll take a deep fried Snickers bar, chocolate covered bacon, fried cookie dough and an elephant ear for dessert."--Addy, the girl will eat anything anywhere!

Lilly, very curious in the 'do-it-yourself' exhibit, but always wanted "Daddy do it" before she gained the confidence to do it alone---here, she is milking bessy the cow
Addy driving the pink tractor, not quite big enough to reach the pedals, but not for long!
"Mom, they told me I could organize the grain bin--got any of your color coding stickers?"--Addy, adopting some of mom's annoying habits!


Anonymous said...

I thought the cow was real until Linda pointed out that Lilly would never go that close to such a huge animal!
Really though they look as if they were meant to be on a farm---really love all these daily blogs, keep them coming.
GaGa Ian

Catherine said...

Addy and Lilly sure do get around:) I did not even know they still had state fairs! The girls look like they had a great time - but I am imagine Lilly was able to find some chicken nuggets at the fair! I do like seeing new pictures every day Aimee:) No pressure to keep it up though:) But I do miss my nieces terribly and they are my favorite people in the world.

Anonymous said...

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