Thursday, August 20, 2009

Flower Girl Debut

Mike & Heather are dear family friends to the Ash's and everyone involved in this wedding 'go way back'. So when the couple called us last year to ask if our girls would be flower girls, we were more than thrilled. A lake wedding surrounded by all the people and things Addy & Lilly love? We were excited from the start. I have to admit I got VERY nervous a couple months ago, realizing that at BARELY 2 years-old, we wouldn't have good listeners on our hands and the wedding was bigger than I thought (500 people), so I thought we might suffer from a bit of 'stage fright'.

So, how did we prepare? (Especially important if you are embarking on this flower girl journey with little ones anytime soon.) We talked about princesses....a lot. I try and be pretty gender neutral for the girls, loving it when they choose trucks over dolls and we recently bought a big train set that they adore, but in this case, it was all about the princesses. Heather (the bride) was the queen and they were her princesses, we practiced twirling and wearing the dresses around the house. It was a total riot. But the day came, the dresses went on, and I swear they believed it. They were so well behaved, I was astounded. Secondly, we planted gummies...a lot. Everyone had some gummies---the groomsmen (who included Addy & Lilly's daddy & 2 uncles), the grandmas (strategically placed at the end of the aisle) and of course me! The girls were coached down the aisle and Addy took direction so well walking nicely with the junior bridesmaids, But Lilly, who lives by the motto "in my own time," walked herself down the aisle long before the wedding coordinator gave her the cue--(sorry, but I think the coordinator realized you don't cue a 2 year old, they cue you!).

The day certainly wasn't about us and we were so grateful to be a part of such a special occasion, but seriously, could they be any cuter?

Rehearsal Dinner (did I mention that it was 90 degrees both days?)A perfect picture of the girls' curiosity (Lilly on the left, Addy on the right)

Lilly loving on her daddy!
Lastly, here is the video footage, shot with my sister's flip video camera, so the picture quality isn't great, but you get the idea! I love the facial expressions...


Catherine said...


You must have a really good photographer;) Jody - I am sorry to say it but you and Linda have comparable videography skills. Stick to being grandmothers - films are not in your future;) Addy and Lilly - you girls look so gorgeous in your dresses! I also like your pink rehearsal dresses. I loved hanging out with you guys and hearing you talk! It's fun that you guys always have something to say.

Molly said...

Precious! Just put a big grin across my face!

Lauren said...

That is adorable! Glad it went well and you guys had a nice time at the lake. We live on your side of town now...let's get together soon!

Nikki said...

Wow- adorable!!! They look so much older than their photos in the blog header!