Monday, August 31, 2009

2 Year Pediatricians Visit

"Mom, can you make sure they get my good side?"

Here we are, the birthday visit to the pediatricians office. No, I didn't pose them, they apparently thought Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition was in the house and actually got themselves into this position. Here are their stats:

Addison--30 lbs, 36 1/4 inches long (85th and 95th percentile respectively)
Lillian--30 lbs, 36 1/2 inches long (85th and 96th percentile respectively)

They showed off by singing the ABC's for both the doctor and the nurses, just in case any of them were concerned for their verbal skills. They also both took their shots like champions--I was proud. Jeremy was prouder when I told him their stats, convinced that they may be the first twins to both play on the Olympic Basketball Team.

I'm working on Lilly's post and am delayed in posting some fun pics from a few family outings, so stay tuned.


Catherine said...

Of course Jeremy is trying to ensure that my little darlings only ever want to wear sneakers. Honestly as much as this whole thing annoys me I have to give Jeremy a little credit for his Machiavellian scheme to get out of buying cute flats and heels. Jeremy - you won the battle over the hideous electric blue poly blend Colts jerseys but as God as my witness you will not win this one. Thse girls are going to be wearing heels and cute flats.

Lara said...

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