Friday, August 21, 2009

My 2-year old Addy

Last year I did separate posts for both of my girls, illustrating to everyone just how DIFFERENT they are. You can see the changes in this old post about Addy (click here). I wanted to do the same now that they are 2 and changing everyday.

Addy has more energy than I ever thought possible, the girl never walks anywhere, she goes in a full-blown sprint. She has become so good at playing pretend, endlessly taking care of her babies or stuffed animals. She frequently brings them to the table when we are eating so they can eat too. She continues to love to play independently frequently turning her back on her sister, so Lilly can't see what she's playing with. However, this doesn't mean she isn't a GREAT cuddler, she'll run around like an absolute maniac, but pause for a second, run in for a hug, then she's off again.
She is a great eater and will try just about anything you put on her plate, but her favorites include corn, hard boiled eggs, turkey dogs, mac & cheese and rice cakes. She is pretty good in new places and rarely cries when I leave her. I've observed a few different times, her walk right up to an adult, stand below them and say sheepishly, "hi", waiting for some kind of formal introduction. She plays hard all day long and struggles to get herself down at night, sometimes talking/yelling in her crib for an hour after bedtime. She still occasionally has 'night terrors' which are awful and cause her heart rate to jump and she's covered in sweat, but the doctor assures us this is typical and she'll more than likely grow out of it. She seems to be the more crafty of the 2 at this age, playing for longer periods with crayons, play-dough, etc. Addy is also NOTORIOUS for collecting/organizing things, which is hilarious if you know me. She will spend hours searching out ALL the animals in the house to put in one place or ALL the leaves from the backyard. Hopefully this is a sign of a very clean room during her teenage years!
Here's a video of our dancing queen. Ignore the hair, we'd just had bathtime and she DID NOT want her hair brushed (did I mention she was VERY opinionated?).


Catherine said...

I FREAKING LOVE THAT KID! That video of her really encapsulates her personality:) She really is one of those rare people who does actually dance like no one is watching. Girl has some moves:) She is a little character - the hoarding is a little scary because I truly think Addy might be more ready than many adults for an emergency situation - she's probably got a nice little stockpile of water and crackers! I cannot believe they are 2 already! Makes me feel not young:(

Krystyn said...

What a cutie! Our daughter has been known to pick up an ear of uncooked corn and go to town!

Kristina said...

That video is awesome! She does resemble her mother after a couple of captain/diet cokes at Peppers back in the day!!