Saturday, May 17, 2008

All About Addy

After all the initial questions people ask...fraternal vs. identical, boys vs. girls, age, etc. The next question is usually, "Are they alike?". My answer, honestly is I'm not sure I could have had babies 10 years apart and had them be any more different than Addy and Lilly are. In honor of that, this post is going to be all about Addy. I'll do another this week about her sister.

We call her Addy, Addy Grace, Addison Grace, Adders or my little energizer bunny. She's a ball of energy right now and into EVERYTHING. She's not exactly up on all fours yet, but she's inchworming her way across the floors. She can pull herself up on kitchen chairs, coffee tables, bookshelves, etc. We are going to have to step up our babyproofing game. Yesterday, she climbed into the first shelf of the tv stand, got her whole body crammed into it and then turned her head around as if to say, "Mom, get me the hell out of here."

She's makes the funniest facial expressions, from a big WOW look that I think she got from her dad because it's the same face he makes when he walks in from work. When she smiles, she scrunches her whole face and squints her eyes to show her toothy grin. Her cheeks are big and her eyes are the prettiest blue, I'm not even sure the camera catches how pretty she is. She's long and lean as you'll see from her stats below. I think she'll be a brunette, her hair is slowly coming in, one strand at a time. She's a messy eater, fighting for the spoon to do it herself, certainly a sign of an independent woman, she also prefers to feed herself her own bottle. No coddling for her. She's loud--making noises and grunts to anyone that listens. Jeremy thinks she grunts like Monica Seles as she fights her way across the room.

She's stubborn, she likes what she likes. Right now, she isn't interested in her toys, she wants whatever she shouldn't have--magazines, cameras, remotes, cell phones and everything goes into her mouth. When you take something away from her she'll scream at the top of her lungs until you cave and give it back or quickly distract her with something else. She doesn't like to be confined and shows her emotions through holding her breath (the doctor even warned us this could lead to her passing out, but not to be alarmed--what?). This only happens when she's confined and frustrated--car seat, high chair or stroller. I have to stop myself from laughing, because it really is funny, but I don't want to encourage this habit. She's a wonderful sleeper, putting herself to sleep as she burrows into the corner of the crib, snuggling with a blanket or soft toy. No pacifier either. I'll check on her at night and she's often asleep on her belly with her butt up in the air. I tell people she might be into yoga, she's already doing a fabulous Downward Facing Dog. Never a peep from about 7 p.m. to 6ish a.m. She is certainly a joy, the kind of baby that tempts you to have a couple more (but don't worry, I'm not falling for it).

9 Month Stats:
20 lbs, 12 ounces (80th percentile)
27 3/4 inches long (54th percentile)
47 cm Head circumfrance (99th percentile)--not sure why I find this so funny, but I do...

"By God, I'll hold my breath until someone pays attention to me around here."

"Look at me GO"



Catherine said...

Addy you are such a little star!!! Good job getting into the tv stand:) Very slick. I can attest to the fact that you are a good sleeper (at night!!!). You are so cute laughing with your mom in the video!!! Stop holding your breath - that is no way to try and get your way!!! Try talking it out:)

I am going on vacay with your fans Lili and Joanna (see previous post's comments) next week so I will not be checking this website hourly for updates! Be good girls for your mom and dad!! Don't worry I will be buying you a cute little Costa Rica tee! See you in June!

jillian said...

She sounds like she is going to be a beautiful, stubborn, independent woman someday, I like it! Thanks for the insight into Addy, I look forward to Lilly's.

Did you have fun in New Orleans??

Lili said...

Addy! you are a little star! The little trick about holding your breath may work for swimming underwater for a competition and beating the boys :)

That laugh is the cutest thing I have heard!!!!

I hope you come to visit soon so I can make you laugh :)

Anonymous said...

Correction on Addison's weight. 20 lbs. 12 oz.....not 10 lbs.

The babies daddy

Anonymous said...

What about Lilly?